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45Re: Dazed and Confused

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  • Jeff
    Jan 6, 2009
      We lack detailed data and as you say that may arise with time and
      more participants, meanwhile efforts to clarify what knowledge we do
      have is progressing I think. For my part it would seem that I may
      have some association with R1bSTR26, although not confirmed by deep-
      clade testing, my DYS values appear to lead in that direction. If so
      this is interesting as that group is defined by an Irish-Scots
      cluster that may well have historic connections with the Dal Riada.
      This raises some fascinating questions, not least as to the origins
      of my own family name. Should this be given any further gravitas it
      may well support the possibility that there did indeed exist a
      distinct name of O'Buadhaigh

      --- In bowesvariantsdna@yahoogroups.com, "mhbowes11" <mhbowes@...>
      > I would love to see those deep clades done but I understand the
      financial constraints
      > many may feel. I am envious of those surname groups that have a
      General Fund of
      > donated monies participants can use to join or order further tests.
      I suppose with less
      > common surnames it can just take a little longer for a project to
      grow, but I am convinced
      > we will continue to over time. The upside is that I'll never have
      to juggle many hundreds
      > of participants such as with a name like Smith.
      > I have also considered the possibility that our surname variants in
      Ireland all come from
      > elsewhere. The sources tying the name to O'Buadaigh just don't give
      me enough
      > confidence on their face because they are secondary sources and
      don't mention the
      > primary for verification. My guess is that it it is supposition or
      a story passed down. Of
      > course many stories passed down are actually true, but then many
      others are not. That's
      > where the DNA study can come in so useful, as you know. Actually, I
      think it's possible in
      > the Cork and western Ireland areas we may more likely find some
      original Gaels just due
      > to percentages of population distributions. We have no
      participants, to our knowledge,
      > who come from these areas, So at this point in the project we may
      be somewhat more
      > likely to pick Bowes "et. al." from elsewhere.
      > --- In bowesvariantsdna@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff" <bowes2000@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Adding to the challenges of ever fully understanding the
      > > ethnic and geographical associations of those Bowes in Ireland
      > > identified as being R1b, we have the complication presented by
      > > Clade known as R1b1b2a1
      > >
      > > "U106 or S21--R1b1c9--R1b1b2g--R1b1b2a1 - R1bSTR22Frisian –
      > > known as `Frisian' Invader marker, new research suggests the
      > > are more generally Germanic-likely North/West
      European/Netherlands in
      > > origin with two 'hotspots' in the Netherlands and western
      > > The large British Isles pop. is likely Germanic invasion legacy-
      > > U106/S21 is estimated to be found in about 25% of European
      > > men of the R1b-M269 haplogroup. This makes it the most common
      > > subclade of R1b-M269"
      > >
      > > Unless Irish 'Bowes' have had a deep clade test to confirm their
      > > Haplotype then some maybe under the impression that being part of
      > > R1b/R1b1b2 group they are derived from 'Celtic' or Gaelic roots,
      > > in fact their origins may lie in Frisia/NW Germany.
      > >
      > > I am beginning to wonder if there are any Bowes/Bowe whose
      > > ancestry is Gaelic Irish.
      > >
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