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32Re: [bowesvariantsdna] Re: Anglo-Saxons in Ireland Pre-Viking?

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  • Allen Bowes
    Jan 5, 2009
      The area of West Britain, which later was to be named as 'Wales' were (5th to 7th Centuary) under constant harrassment by the Irish, the region now known as the Llyn peninsular was named after their occupiers who came from Leinster. Other areas came under Irish control too, there exist many Irish place-names still in West Wales dating from this time.
      The 'original' inhabitants of these parts of Britain were in essence Celts, cousins of the Irish in a way, there was very limited Saxon encroachment into these parts, although the West of what was to become England (Cornwall and Devon) was to later (8th Century) finally succumb to Saxon rule.

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      What groups were living in Western Britain at that time?

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      > Sure that's possible, the Saxons were skilled sailors, however any reading of their history in
      Britain will show that their focus was not expansion into Ireland but to secure their presence
      in what was to become England. This was not achieved easily and took place between the 5th
      to 7th Centuries. Ireland during this period was a colonizer itself in Western Britain.

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