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  • dianebowe2002@yahoo.ca
    Jan 31, 2011
      You have such a great brain for sorting all this out. My first john was married to a mary ellen gafney. I always thought may be they came from the same area in ireland.
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      Hello Ann,

      I thought of something when I read your e-mail to me this morning and thought I would post it here.

      It's interesting to see that your Anna married both a Bowes and a Maher in the US. If her son John's father, X Bowes, were from Ireland, it would not be a surprise to find that he had been from the midland counties (including especially Kilkenny, Laois or Tipperary) where the Bowe name has a high frequency. Some of these Irish Bowe families added an "s" to their name making it Bowes (my family is one example). In at least a couple cases they appear to have done this when they emigrated, but it's not entirely clear why. At any rate, the Maher surname is associated with the same area in Ireland, that surname originating around Cashel, Tipperary. Often, people of different families emigrated from one community in Ireland and settled together in a new community in North America. So I wonder if Anna married a Bowes and Maher both in Illinois. This might suggest those families shared roots in Ireland, somewhere in the midland counties.

      Through our DNA Project we have discovered that one of our Bowe subgroups from that region in Ireland matches a Carroll clan who were the past ruling clan of the Ely Carroll region. The Maher clan also has ties to Ely Carroll.

      If you have a living male Maher in your family, you could have him test his Y-chromosome to see if it matches the other Ely Carroll surnames, if it interests you.

      If you have a living male Bowes in your family, you could have him test his Y-chromosome to see if he matches the subgroup in our Bowes FTDNA project with ties to the Carrolls of Ely Carroll.



      Joining these groups, when it's possible, i Ins another way to locate others related to your families of interest.

      Post back if you have any questions, Martha

      --- In bowesgenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Ann" <ABaugh9618@...> wrote:
      > Hi. Interested in finding the parents for John Bowes born c. 1838 Ill. His mother's name was Anna. She remarried to Michael Maher.
      > John Bowes name is later found as John Maher Bowes in San Francisco. He married Caroline Ford. Their son was Edward J. Bowes of the "Major Bowes Show".

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