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193Re: Update - Separate Yahoo Group for Ely Carroll

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  • mhbowes11
    Oct 13, 2010
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      There definitely needs to be a separate group in your case, but I should clarify that rather than it being a Yahoo group "for your subgroup", it will be a Yahoo group for Ely Carroll. There are going to be other Ely Carroll researchers as part of that group, and over time a growing list of links, files etc. specific to those interests. It definitely needs to be kept separate from our surname study. They are also going to start a separate FTDNA Ely Carroll DNA study and set up an Ely Carroll website. It just happens that your interests span that domain and this surname study domain. Sorry.I am also cautious about having too many "irons in the fire" but there will be times like this when it turns out to be the best decision.

      I have been in touch with the administrator of the Bogue DNA group in the past. We know that there is no current evidence of a DNA link because there are no Bogues showing up as matches to anyone in our project. I do think we need to recruit more Bogues from the Cork area to join the Bogue project and explore that hypothetical connection in the Irish surname history literature.

      That name and some others used to be included as variants in our project because of supposed connections in the Irish surname literature, but I made the decision that when those other names already have a project set up for their name, that they would not become part of our project. If a match occurs between one of us and a Bogue or other variants with its own project set up, then we will get an e-mail notification and can invite that individual to join our project. Some possible variants that do not have their own DNA project are still welcome in our group, an example being our Buoy participant.


      --- In bowesgenealogy@yahoogroups.com, Jeane Robinson <jbowes110@...> wrote:
      > I don't like the idea of separate yahoo locations for our surname group. I can
      > learn from everyone. Can't we use the subject line to alert readers which line
      > is being discussed? Our band of merry Bowe could be the Carroll/Bowe when we
      > post.
      > As an example I just learned that Bogue was a nickname for Sullivan. I wouldn't
      > want to have to track down the Bogue yahoo group to share that tidbit.
      > Jeane 
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