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190Re: Bowe origin as a Surname

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  • bowes2000
    Oct 13, 2010
      Interesting association, who can say for sure, was a long time ago, yet there may be clues in the pronunciation and spelling for the Irish word for 'cow'. which is Bó. Note the accent over the 'o'? This gives it a sound not like we may imagine as in Bow (of the archery variety) In fact it sounds phonetically more like 'Bwoar'.

      The linguistic understanding is that the Irish name Bowes/Bowe (no folks not that one over in Yorkshire, England) takes its Anglicized spelling, complete with 'e' at the end from the Gaelic Buadhaigh, which as Martha has noted also derives from an English rendering of the Irish pronunciation of that name phonetically as Bwee/Bweeg, hence the 'Bowe'.

      Hope that contributes.

      --- In bowesgenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "jbowes110" <jbowes110@...> wrote:
      > Martha has uncovered the 'fact' that my line is old Irish not English.
      > I am trying to research how we might have become Bowe if we belonged to the Carroll Clan. (Please keep in mind this find about the Carroll clan applies to only some in this surname group.) In my readings I discovered that the Carroll clan lived on good grazing land and kept cattle. I also read that bow was the gaelic word for cow. It isn't a far stretch to see how these two facts might be related. If our ancestors kept bow for a livelihood that might explain our surname. It is a good guess anyway.
      > Comments?
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