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  • bowes2000
    Jan 5, 2010
      --- In bowesgenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "bowes2000" <bowes2000@...> wrote:
      > How are you Frank?
      > All the best for 2010
      >The quest continues as to my own 'Bowe' origins/location. At this stage I'm coming to consider the Corca Laidhe connection relevant to my own folks, my DYS values were very kindly examined by Jim Cullen, who knows his genetic onions. He concludes that these suggest R1bSTR26 (S28/U152) linked to the continental Celts. Interestingly on the FTDNA site my ancestral origins have the following as highest percentages; Ireland 3.4 Switzerland 3.0, Scotland 2.2 and Wales 2.1 (with the value of 2 being significant and 4 highly significant in terms of family origins).
      > According to Jim Cullen's analysis using a Haplotype predictor and John McEwan's Modal database, my DYS markers point to Irish/Scottish subclades, indeed my particular values are very close to the Colla Uais modal haplotype. Given the connection of Colla Uais with the Ulaid/Dal Riata it got me looking into wider associations relating to the Dáirinne, later to be known as the Corca Laiodhe. The Dárinne are reported to have derived from the Darini of Ptolemy, and significantly for my research, been related to the Ulaid and Dál Riata of Ulster and Scotland. So there appears to be an Erainn connection running through the picture, and considering the association of the Ua Buadhaigh sept with West Cork and the Corca Laiodhe, my Irish/Scotish DYS values make sense, if viewed through an understanding that they may well reflect Erainn/Dáirinne origins.
      > Curiously, I also came across one of the O'Driscolls' set of DYS values at YSearch, some of whom are close to my own, one even having the same double reloc value of 36 at CDYa/b. A common and possibly significant feature appears to be the value of 10 at DYS391, this is common to Scottish and some Irish, and I'm now wondering if this may be some Erainn indicator. Whatever the case, the O'Driscoll's are a prominent and historic Corca Laiodhe family, whose territory included the location of the Ua Buadhaigh (around the Castlehaven area). Families called O'Bowe were, later in history, recorded in Fermoy too, not too far from south west Tipperary where my own ancestors appear.
      > If this speculation, reasoning and connectivity is sound it may well be that genetic evidence, in support of some of the Irish Bowe/Bowes/Bogue families, may be assembled that indicates such individuals have their beginnings with the Erainn/Corca Laiodhe.
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