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166New Bowes One-Name Study Website

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  • mhbowes11
    Jan 5, 2010
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      I have been working on this for some time. There's always more to do. Some of you have seen it posted a few places on the internet, but eventually I have to start "advertising" it more widely, perfect or not. I thought I'd first let the Yahoo! members see it and provide any commentary other than "start over completely another way" ;-) . One thing I'm worried about is whether the submenu system to the work is user friendly. In some cases it may run off the screen. But it would be a bear to change this design. It's pretty much just how the software I'm using works in the case of this site.

      I am thinking of leaving the mailing list here, but moving some or all the Links and Files here to the Research section at the new website. First, I really want to know, have those links - what I sometimes call our "library" - been useful at all? It's time consuming and hard on my tendons, so if people mostly just google up the same stuff, I'd rather not focus on it. If it's really helpful, that's another story.


      We've had some new members join over the last year or so (I think we're up to 13 or so). I don't know if I know them through email but don't recognize their Yahoo! address, or whether there new to me here. To new members, feel free to post the info you have on your family so we might be of help, or to ask any other questions.

      Happy New Year, Martha