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153Re: New DNA report

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  • mhbowes11
    Apr 8, 2009
      Hi Helen,

      It depends what you mean by related and what information you're looking for. It's clear that Martin's paper trail does not coincide with yours, and it's likely impossible to ever find a connection with him that way given the challenges in Irish research. But it's still probably true that you're related genetically, it's just that your "most recent common ancestor" lived a very long time ago. You and the Bowes you match have quite a few 25 marker matches with people having different surnames. Most often that's because your most recent common ancestor with them lived before the time that surnames came into use, so when they did, many branches from that original common ancestor took different names. It doesn't help much in what we call a "genealogically significant" timeframe (since surnames came into use), but there is in fact a common ancestor.

      Springer, however, is an exception (Martin and Dooley may be others). He branched off from the line you and the other Bowes share *after* surnames came into use through a "non-paternity event." Once you know you have matches in the database at the 25- and 37-marker levels, especially ones with your surname, then it becomes more useful to order up to 67 markers. If you hear back from your matching Bowes, you might see if he would order up to 67 as well. If only one if you does you won't get the better interpretation. That will give you the "highest resolution" for estimating the most recent common ancestor. We can revisit the other matches when your 37 markers come in, and 67 if you order those. The one with Martin is fairly recent so far, quite possibly in the last 300 years, even if your paper trails don't connect at this time. Hopefully you got my e-mail with further details on your matches.

      If you decide to hire a genealogist to do your research, you might give them the data from the Bowes in your subgroup in case they can find a connection. It looks like either his line was based in Dublin while yours was in Kilkenny, as your family thought, or they may have been mistaken and your line actually came from Dublin too. It would seem to me a difficult mistake to make though. I can't get that mysterious "Running Fox or Greyhound" signet ring out of my head. Such an interesting identity clue!


      --- In bowesgenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "2Maxwells" <2maxwells@...> wrote:
      > There was a Martin that matched at 25 with a genetic distance of 1 - I have
      > corresponded with her and it is not a match - somewhere her family goes back
      > to Ireland but it is very far back - they were in Alabama before the Civil
      > War. She sent me the results of the Martin DNA project and it is not of any
      > help.
      > So maybe I'll have better luck with the others.
      > Helen
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      > Subject: [bowesgenealogy] Re: New DNA report
      > Hi Helen,
      > I'm waiting for those remaining markers to see how close the match is at 37.
      > I'm also pulling some info together for you that I have about the other two.
      > Interesting that you match them. In general, Springer's earliest known
      > ancestor emigrated Barbados to Virginia I think, very early. Many Irish went
      > to Barbados in the 1600s, many as slaves and other Catholic Irish just
      > seeking opportunity. If I had to hypothesize (a risky business with this
      > stuff), I think the little circumstantial info might suggest the latter.
      > This Springer represents a "non-paternity event", genetically matching your
      > surname, raised by another. I'd love to be copied on your emails, or at
      > least post back here any conclusions you all draw or progress you make. Your
      > Bowes match has been busy raising young children, so he may not get back
      > right away, but I can fill in there too.
      > Martha
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello everyone,
      > >
      > > We have received the results of the 25 marker test - we are having it
      > further tested to 37 and perhaps will know more then. There is one match
      > with a genetic distance of 1 but the name is not Bowe - there is another
      > match with a genetic distance of 2 with the name of Bowes - I have sent an
      > email to both of them - will let you know when I hear anything.
      > >
      > > Helen Maxwell
      > >
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