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124Re: [bowesgenealogy] Re: To Sullivan or Not To Sullivan?

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  • Allen Bowes
    Feb 2, 2009
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      Please re-reads my previous posting, the OSullivans may have adopted the name Buadhach/Buadhaigh as it conferred the name 'victorious' champion, that does not mean per-se that the O'Buadaigh/Buadhach 'sept' were related to the O'Sullivans. As to the Irish Annals/ Eoghonact Chronicles, these were 17/18th Century interpretations, that failed to note that an earlier 15th Century specifically text links Buadhaigh with the Corca Laoidhe.
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      Subject: [bowesgenealogy] Re: To Sullivan or Not To Sullivan?
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      You'll see in the Eoghanacht Genealogies file that there are a number of "first" name
      Buadachs, but also O'Buadaigh specifically appears.

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      > The O'Sullivan connection may indeed be spurious, as it was based upon a few 18th
      Century references naming some O'Sulivans who had adopted the name
      'Buadhach/Budhaigh' , almost as a 'first' name as we would now call it. The association
      with the Corca Laoidhe is earlier and perhaps more reliable.
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      > Subject: [bowesgenealogy] To Sullivan or Not To Sullivan?
      > To: bowesgenealogy@ yahoogroups. com
      > Date: Sunday, 1 February, 2009, 8:38 PM
      > Had a fun time at the library yesterday. I'm discovering how great our local library is
      > books from anywhere in the country if they circulate), and the local large university
      > libraries. Forgot how much I love libraries ... but I digress.
      > In MacLysaght's 1960 Ed, "More irish Families," he states:
      > "The sept was located in the Corca Laoidhe country (south-west of Cork) and
      > says that they considered themselves to be a branch of the O'Sullivans who had
      > this alternative surname. Woulfe, however, states that there is no such kinship."
      > Another assertion by Woulfe to keep in the back of our minds and hope for clarification
      > some day.
      > I noted that MacLysaght and Woulfe both have extensive bibliographies in their works
      (but unfortunately did not use footnotes!), but while MacLysaught' s consist primarily of
      works on
      > specific families written by those families (hard to judge the accuracy of all those),
      > seem to consist more of historical documents. I need to focus in more on this
      > They both appear to be respected researchers. O' Donovan is new to me.

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