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  • Allen Bowes
    Jan 31, 2009
      Hold on to the fact that the name Bowes is strongly attached to North Yorkshire/Durham, which just happened to have experienced considerable Danish influx during the 8th to 10th Centuries
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      Subject: [bowesgenealogy] Re: New Academic Study Being Planned for Males from Bowes Area of England ...
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      Date: Saturday, 31 January, 2009, 2:29 PM

      Oops, now it appears the forum poster was more accurate and there is a different study
      of Viking DNA in Yorkshire area:

      An interesting mention at the bottom of the article: http://www.yorkshir epost.co. uk/news/39Time- team39-to- seek-out. 4930477.jp

      "Most Northerners have either Celtic or Viking blood running through their veins.

      Although we also think or ourselves as mixed with the French, that is not strictly true.
      Historians say the Normans merely established a ruling class to run England after the
      1066 Conquest and there is no evidence of much movement by ordinary French people
      to England.

      Although we speak English, Anglo Saxon genes are weak in the North because settlers
      showed little inclination to move into Celtic territory."

      My father's Bowes, Viking Y-DNA has been estimated Anglo-Saxon, leaning toward
      German by Ken Nordvedt, so maybe there are exceptions to Anglo-Saxons up north, or
      maybe Ken's research isn't on point yet, or maybe my line was a Bowes originating in
      another part of England for some reason.


      --- In bowesgenealogy@ yahoogroups. com, "mhbowes11" <martha.bowes@ ...> wrote:
      > I guess the forum poster was a little off, in that the study is not as much about genetic
      > makeup of the region, as it is about whether surname/Y-DNA databases can help
      > forensic investigators identify a person who is unidentified! There is a 3rd bullet:
      > "We will also use surnames to find groups of men who share common paternal
      > and then assess the increased efficiency of searching for shared segments in other
      > of the genome in these groups. Our goal here is the demonstration that the amount of
      > shared DNA fits predictions from family trees, and that Y chromosome type can predict
      > general genetic relatedness. This could then be applied to searches for genes involved
      > disease."
      > Official site: http://www.le. ac.uk/genetics/ maj4/NewSurnames .html
      > --- In bowesgenealogy@ yahoogroups. com, "mhbowes11" <martha.bowes@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > From a Guild forum post:
      > >
      > > "There has been an interesting account in today's Yorkshire Post concerning a
      > proposed
      > > DNA investigation by Leics University who conducted the investigation in the
      > Wirral/West
      > > Lancs, recently publicised on the Forum (and in our message list). They are seeking
      > men
      > > whose father's father was born in Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire, North Yorkshire,
      > Durham
      > > or Northumberland. The use of modern county titles is somewhat confusing, North
      > Yorks
      > > includes a very large chunk of the old West Riding - the wider Skipton area etc.,
      > > Oddys occurred. I have emailed Dr King to say I would publicise the project on the
      > Guild
      > > Forum. The samples will be swabs sent through the post. There is no indication of
      > time
      > > scale, that probably depends on response. I hope it may be of interest to some
      > GoONS."
      > >
      > > I plan to post this to our surname message boards on the web where there are a
      > number of
      > > posters from that area who've never contacted me re: our DNA study. The study
      > not
      > > say a lot about our surname specifically, but would be nice to be "represented. "
      > > certainly an established name there with a matching town name to boot.
      > >

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