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indian state visit to cninmm trijunction is vaunted but highly dubious

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  • aletheia kallos
    most likely a journalistic oversimplification atwww.assamtribune.com/scripts/details.asp?id=apr0409/at07 Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh), April 3 – President
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2009
      most likely a journalistic oversimplification at

      Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh), April 3 – President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil today visited this eastern frontier on the Indo-China – Myanmar trijunction

      the claim is doubtful even if she or the journalist knew which version of the trijunction she was visiting or just missing

      indeed it might be truer to call this area only a trifrontier
      rather than a trijunction 
      not to say tripoint
      since de facto a trifrontier is all it really is anyway 

      the difficulty or nicety of the situation

      best known tries

      but it is easy to forget that normal people may not be nearly so multipunctilious as real trypointers
      while still remaining entirely honest scrupulous conscientious impeccable etc

      in fact it seems almost disingenuous of me to even mention it

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