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our slight uncertainty about aeomsa proves to have been justified

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  • aletheia kallos
    you may recall the wobbly state of play here as of last november in message 495 as follows Re: yikes aeomsa is apparently a water well ... which came on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2008
      you may recall the wobbly state of play here as of last november
      in message 495 as follows

      Re: yikes aeomsa is apparently a water well
      --- In boundarypointpoint@yahoogroups.com, aletheia kallos <aletheiak@...> wrote:
      > http://www.arabianwildlife.com/nature/natu_ems/en28.html
      > http://www.athagafy.com/maps/Umm_Az_Zumul.jpg
      > just below & left of center
      > also
      > http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asia/united_arab_emirates_rel95.jpg
      > so perhaps the mentioned controlling interest in the
      > water of this well by the local tribe to its southeast
      > is what explains the semicircular enclosure to its
      > northwest
      > made without regard to the actual borders
      > & the precision geopositioning that you may recall led
      > us to this exact spot even before we saw the linear
      > feature or black square in the satpic could well have
      > been just the purest of coincidence
      > http://article.gmane.org/gmane.culture.discuss.boundary-point-point/349/match=aeomsa
      > hilarious but it still counts as a bullseye

      which came on the heels of much study & analysis

      but this recent news report reveals that the difficulty we were having there in determining the exact position of aeomsa is simply owing to the fact that aesa is still not fully settled

      Oman, UAE finalise border demarcation
      Agence France-Presse - 23 July, 2008

      Oman and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday signed lists of
      coordinates and detailed maps finalising the delineation of their
      border, official news agencies in both Gulf countries said.

      The documents signed by Omani and Emirati interior ministry officials
      in Muscat were drawn up in line with a border accord inked in June 2002.

      Fifty-one maps and three lists of coordinates were signed, "settling
      all outstanding border issues between the two brotherly countries,"
      said the UAE's WAM news agency.

      Oman and the UAE, which share a 1,000-kilometre (625-mile) frontier,
      had initially signed an agreement in May 1999.

      WAM said the only outstanding issue was the technical designation of
      the point where the borders of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia converge
      in Umm al-Zumol.

      The UAE has differences with Saudi Arabia over their border and the
      sharing of a major oilfield there, although the issue is seldom
      mentioned in public by either country.
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