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yikes arbrpy turns out to be a condo triline dohh rather than a tripoint

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  • Aletheia Kallos
    because i just realized the upper parana is actually a condo from lake itaipu all the way down to the iguacu confluence i was wrong to consider its midline as
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2012
    because i just realized the upper parana is actually a condo from lake itaipu all the way down to the iguacu confluence
    i was wrong to consider its midline as hypothetical brpy when the whole bed is actual brpy
    presumably all the way down to the point where the iguacu thalweg carrying arpy crosses the plane of the parana bank & passes onto the parana bed
    from that point
    aka presumptive arbrpypy
    evidently situated a bit south of the center of in the iguacu mouth
    an arbrpy condominial triline would appear to proceed directly across to the center of the parana
    to arbrbrpy 
    still within the confluence but a corresponding offset south of its center
    where arbr begins its run down the middle of the lower parana
    if however brpy cannot for any reason be extended at all south of the middle of the iguacu mouth
    then the triline must run in 2 segments
    first briefly up the mouth of the iguacu from thalweg to centerline
    before turning to cross to the middle of the parana at the middle of the confluence
    where arbrbrpy would be located in that event
    so the following correction has been entered in the registry
    argentina brazil paraguay
    024 arbrpy condominial triline at confluence of iguacu & parana in roughly 25s36 54w36 where it is witnessed from opposing bluffs by 3 mismatched obeliskoid monuments this trijunction which has appeared on maps since the 1840s & has enjoyed undisputed tricountry status despite locational uncertainty since paraguayan independence from argentina in 1856 evidently begins from the point where the iguacu thalweg carrying arbr since 1898 passes into the channel of the parana & evidently extends from there either directly or else indirectly after a slight northward jog to meet the centerline of the iguacu across the parana to the point at or slightly below midconfluence where arpy ends having followed the lower parana median since 1876
    arbrpy in my face
    yum apple flavored i think
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