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description of trijunction at kaye ranch

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  • Aletheia Kallos
    while waiting to learn how the buyer reacts to our claims of unevictabilty i continue to study the full plat of the 73 acre ranch & find all available maps
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012
      while waiting to learn how the buyer reacts to our claims of unevictabilty
      i continue to study the full plat of the 73 acre ranch
      & find all available maps substantially agree
      the ranch land comprises 2 polygons
      an unusually shaped 68 acre main unit of fully private land on which the main house & various fully private outbuildings stand
      fully separated from this main unit by a fully public road
      a 5 acre trapezoidal exclave
      with 2 cottages standing on it
      specially zoned since 1989 as a rent control compound
      jane & i live in one of these cottages
      the land attaching to our cottage is not so clearly divided from the land attaching to the other cottage as is the rent control compound as a whole from the totally private ranch zone
      in fact it appears there is no formal subdivision of the cottage territory at all
      & the lands attaching to the cottages are separated from each other only by a de facto frontier comprising an unruly hedgerow that ends at roadside in japanese barberry overgrown with wild grape
      thus a highly unusual trijunction or rather triple frontier can be identified
      of a manor & its pair of remote hovels standing on a compound lot
      the geographical trijunction
      comprising a rather pure eruption of everyones land
      is an oblong shaped projection of the hedgerow running lengthwise across the road & right of way
      this rectangle happens to have a cattle fence for its south side
      & a mailbox post for its northwest corner
      from which all 3 of its other corners can be inferred or extrapolated
      hypothetical median lines might be used to project a sort of eez tripoint where the center of kaye road intersects the projection of the hedgerow midline
      so i think as far as the hague or hamburg might be concerned
      any road meat for example or any windfall from a nearby apple tree say or a passing brinks truck that lands & is found northeast of this point would most likely belong to me & jane
      the political makeup of the trijunction is not so clear tho
      this is because one of the 2 hovels has been occupied since 1990 by the caretaker of the ranch
      & has thus come to be called & considered the caretakers cottage
      but only de facto
      while remaining de jure within the town rent control stock
      & confusion erupted into everyones land last week when the prospective new owner of the ranch kindly informed the old ranch hand he would soon be out of a job
      & that his home would naturally be needed for the new caretaker to occupy
      & this on her way to our hovel where she has promised to appear in a few more days
      & which is the one she really appears to appreciate most of all & to desire for herself to occupy & work & reside in first & foremost of all the buildings on the 73 acre ranch
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