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chronology for newfound candidate rock of ages

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  • Aletheia Kallos
    friends a mysterious inselberg & pillar recently recovered on latvia lithuania border at tricolor point labeled grosen near middle of following enlargeable map
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2012
      a mysterious inselberg & pillar recently recovered on latvia lithuania border
      at tricolor point labeled grosen near middle of following enlargeable map
      with photos of one of the rocks shown below & better hopefully soon to come from our jan krogh but my present best if still slightly wild guesses based on our very limited data are as follows

      proposed chronlogy circa 800 to present

      800s if not earlier isolated boulder as most prominent fixed landmark at variable great forks of the windau gradually becomes & long remains de facto trijunction & pivot of courland semigallia & samogitia all of which were at first generally independent nation states with variable frontiers
      Map showing Europe 1100 Northeast

      the 3 kindred tribes also appear to have included an adjoining potential or actual marchland in their midst as shown here

      1253 the inselberg appears to serve for first time as de jure demarcation in the division of courland between bishopric & livonian knights while also appearing to continue as de facto trijunction with samogitia
      File:Medieval Livonia 1260.svg

      1423 inselberg appears to become fully ratified as international tristate marker following treaty of melno which created substantially the present ltlv line

      1616 effective reunion of duchies of courland & semigallia appears finally to extinguish any last vestiges of the tripoint per se tho the inselberg continues to serve marginally as international boundary marker under an increasingly negligible polish suzerainty

      best presently available photos apart from a few locked in at facebook do not show inselberg towering just across the lane from 18th century pillar but pillar only because the former was overlooked at first reported visit last december
      unusual cursive inscription tho barely discernible appears to read kursne grenzen or kurland limits in german & seems more like a no trespassing sign than a proper boundary marker

      1712 earliest historically plausible occasion for erecting pillar arises when the independent courland of duchess anna still under nominal polish suzerainty succumbs to russian influence & the actual control of bestuzhev

      1726 legal but ineffectual annexation of courland by poland presents a second plausible & most likely occasion for the posting of such a keep out sign

      1727 eastern courland is occupied briefly by russia presenting a third plausible occasion for laying down a marker here

      1737 anna having become tsarina in 1730 makes biren duke of courland which further russifies it & thus suggests a 4th plausible tho perhaps least likely & latest imaginable date for the pillar

      1795 interval as internal russian boundary point til 1918

      1940 interval as internal soviet boundary point til 1991

      1998 redemarcation appears to halve the distance & split the difference between the inselberg & pillar tho deliberately fudged soviet era topos available here at extreme zoom level 
      http://www.gisnet.lv/topo/index_en.html suggest there may have been some uncertainty about which line to follow or whether the alignment might somehow include both rock positions

      2012 google border overlay includes a slight jog that appears to maintain the above confusion while there also appears to be an overgrown marginal strip between the pillar & inselberg that suggests some uncertainty about the alignment may persist locally too 

      please stand by & or chime in to improve or bust

      hopefully more to come


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