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last interim report before part 2 goes positively weird as it now appears to be doing

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  • aletheia kallos
    * * *t r i** **c o u n t r y** **2 0 1 2 in progress & pending changes* * the totally revised but still impartially coded official united nations tripoint
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      t r i c o u n t r y 2 0 1 2 in progress & pending changes

      totally revised 
      but still 
      impartially coded 
      official united nations tripoint registry yearbook 4th edition

      including many new photos with notable recent developments & findings highlighted in yellow

      part 1
      the 176 official united nations trijunctionof sovereign state territory on land & sea
      with 2 possible alternates & 1 probable near miss added in red

      all fully agreed & marked de jure tripoints of sovereign lands & limits of united nations member states unless otherwise indicated 
      economic zonal trijunctions pursuant to unclos being already formally registered within various organs of the united nations & thus not included herein 

         country digraphs for designating sovereign territorial trijunctions & bounds of member states are per official decoding table 
         & are arranged alphabetically 
         with directional suffixes e&w or n&s added as needed to distinguish 10 pairs of twin trijunctions

         a single table to correctly decode & or encipher plain english country names

      andorra france spain east
      001 adesfre marked by original 1868 esfr pillar 427 at portella blanca in roughly n42d30m10s e1d43m33s wgs84 
      while perhaps not strictly a tricountry point til 1993 andorran constitution & admission to united nations nevertheless a condominial or march trijunction almost continuously since 1278

      andorra france spain west
      002 adesfrw summit of pic de medacorba elev2914m in roughly n42d36m13s e1d26m30s wgs84 marked only informally by cairn & iron post 
      while perhaps not strictly a tricountry point til 1993 andorran constitution & admission to united nations nevertheless a condominial or march trijunction almost continuously since 1278 & tho effectively a twin of the adesfre tripoint above yet in sharp distinction to it fixed ony by tradition & an exceedingly loose reading of the 1862 esfr treaty text that actually appoints the boundary convergence to the nearby but distinct pic de baiau

      qatar with saudi arabia & united arab emirates
      003 aeqasa hypothetical equidistant point in persian gulf notional since independence of qatar & the trucial states in 1971 tho positionally elusive at very roughly n24d40m12s e51d36m36s per vliz based on de facto aesa land border disputed by emirates but purportedly consistent with secret unratified 1974 aesa accord 
      the above approx location is shown by the green arrowhead on the following zoomable sky pic map http://tinyurl.com/2er2uq2 
      while it is noteworthy that an evidently official emirati source citing oilpatch mapping has suggested 24n40 51e35

      oman with saudi arabia & united arab emirates
      004 aeomsa tripoint position at umm az zamul wells in roughly n22d42m30s e55d12m30s wgs84 tho agreed by om&sa in 1990 & by ae&om between 1999 & 2008 is believed not yet formally marked because emirates have not ratified 1974 aesa accord that would have distilled a tripoint from original gbomsa triple frontier of separation of 1920s
      historical maps suggest multiple frontier is inherent to empty quarter http://www.terra.es/personal7/jqvaraderey/arabia.htm & http://rumsey.geogarage.com/maps/g0890086.html etc
      zoomable satpic showing peculiar geometric construction surrounding presumptive tripoint position http://tinyurl.com/ylxv2tz

      afghanistan china pakistan
      005 afcnpk placed by conflicting instruments at an uncertain pamir summit of elev5630m in roughly 37n3 74e36 or 74e34 & further complicated by the existence of unpublished if not also inadequate official maps of all 3 convergent delimitations but situated in any case about 10km southwest of kilik pass the trijunction has existed loosely & not without objection since the durand afgb treaty of 1893 first as notional afcngb & from 1947 to 1949 as notional afgbin but was not trilaterally established even provisionally until the cnpk & afcn treaties of the early 1960s & remains tentative up to the present subject to the settlement of the inpk dispute over jammu & kashmir & moreover is believed to be undemarcated anywhere
      downloadable topo http://en.poehali.org/maps/100k--j43-102.html shows tripoint at lower left not on any summit but judiciously at a ridge trijunction of approx elev 5560m in a location that differs by a minute or two from those indicated by the afcn & cnpk agreements & cited by the ibs http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS089.pdf & http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS085.pdf
      ibs 85 89

      afghanistan china tajikistan
      006 afcntj probably reconcilable at unmarked ridge trijunction in elev5523m near summit of mt povalo shveykovskiy aka kokrash kol tho the treaties appear to stipulate the exact summit & impossible elevations of up to 5698m & to miss the fact that the summit point in actual elev5543m is isolated from the ridges all the delimitations follow
      downloadable topo http://en.poehali.org/maps/100k--j43-102.html in larger scale than the mutually conflicting maps attached to the 1963 afcn treaty shows the above described probable tripoint position at upper right in roughly 37n14 74e53
      & while the following boundary studies address some of the above anomalies http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS089.pdf & http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS026.pdf & http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS064.pdf there exists in addition an unpublished 2002 cntj accord that may have produced a 2008 demarcation
      tripoint peak appears near center of photo which faces up tegermensu river toward the subjacent tegermensu pass http://www.panoramio.com/photo/21098176
      ibs 26 64 89

      river Tegermensu (summer1989) фото в сторону Афганистана

      afghanistan iran pakistan
      007 afirpk tricountry point since 1919 independence of afghanistan initially as afgbir til 1947 independence of pakistan likely still marked only by original 1896 gb2afin pillar 186 on kuh e malek siah summit at elev1645m in roughly n29d51m39s e60d52m40s wgs84 which closed 1893 durand viz afpk line per afgb treaty later disavowed by afghanistan & formalized notional trijunction created by 1872 goldsmid award for eventual afir & was later confirmed by 1935 gbir arbitral accord establishing eventual irpk
      neighborhood photo with tripoint summit on near skyline just right of center http://www.panoramio.com/photo/47208049#comment
      durand commission photo http://tinyurl.com/yhow93s
      ibs 6 167


      afghanistan iran turkmenistan
      008 afirtm about 2km north of zulfikar pass on thalweg in dry former bed of the hari rud following avulsion but still in alignment with remote pair of 1948 afsu reference markers numbered 1 tho it is difficult to positively identify the historically correct channel from among several close possibilities in direct descent from the original afghani russo persian notional tricountry point that was first both fixed & demarcated by an 1885 gbru commission then creating the eventual aftm & reaffirmed by the 1888 maclean award concerning the eventual afir & closed by an 1893 russo persian accord re eventual irtm
      downloadable topo http://en.poehali.org/maps/050k--i41-015-2.html indicates position confirmed to be in roughly n35d36m18s e61d17m31s wgs84 per aerial photo
      view of trijunction area from foot of zulfikar pass http://www.prints-4-u.com/store/images/AAA0886/AAA0886048.jpg
      ibs 6 25 26

      afghanistan tajikistan uzbekistan
      009 aftjuz tricountry conjunction since fall of soviet union in 1991 & major tho indefinite tripoint since 1924 at terminus of original tjuz interrepublican boundary on rather variable thalweg of amu darya per 1946 afsu delimitation pursuant to original 1873 gbru accord in very roughly n37d11m5s e67d47m15s per recent aerial photo where it appears to be aligned with a  pair of 1948 afsu reference markers numbered 107 over 1 per soviet topo
      ibs 26

      afghanistan turkmenistan uzbekistan
      010 aftmuz tricountry conjunction since end of soviet union in 1991 & indefinite tristate point since 1924 at end of original tmuz interrepublican boundary on highly variable thalweg or former thalweg of amu darya per 1946 afsu delimitation pursuant to original 1873 gbru accord with exact present location depending on which of two conflicting soviet topos is correct but in either case still within the river bed & apparently in alignment with remote 1948 afsu reference marker pair numbered 91 over 2
      downloadable topos http://en.poehali.org/maps/050k--j42-086-3.html & http://en.poehali.org/maps/100k--j42-086.html show slightly different positions while the former is evidently newer & thus more credible than the latter confirmed to be in roughly n37d20m50s e66d33m13s wgs84 per recent aerial photography
      ibs 26

      albania greece macedonia
      011 algrmk a notional tricountry point since secret 1912 grrs delimitation & albanian independence declaration tho not clearly described until 1913 london conference & not effective until greek withdrawal of 1923 nor fully agreed & ratified until 1926 nor in present format until macedonian independence in 1991 situated in lake prespa about 1300m ssw of golem island & marked by westernmost of 12 new grmk buoys which may also align with series of older algr & alyu buoys
      topo http://sunsite.berkeley.edu:8085/albania/50k/11-34-114-2.jpg shows position in roughly 40n51 20e59
      ibs 79 113 116

      albania montenegro serbia
      012 almers tricountry point since disunion of serbia & montenegro in 2006 & tristate point since creation of autonomous kosovo within yugoslavia in 1945 from portions of serbia & montenegro demarcated most probably by 1925 alyu pillar b28 over v at the easterly of the twin summits of tromedja peak elev 2366m in roughly n42d33m19s e20d4m45s wgs84 now in detached kosovo
      zoomable official serbian topo appears to confirm easterly summit http://www.geosrbija.rs/rga/default.aspx?gui=1&lang=1
      photo of most probable marker http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2102156330062955329iVBeQU  
      ibs 116


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