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Re: News from BP

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  • aletheia kallos
    in bp message 20199 ... thanx sahib for i do realize you mean well but intolerance is disrepect & disallowing what you dont like will never get you or us back
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      in bp message 20199
      --- boundary_point_owner <bp-owner@...> wrote:

      > I remind all members to be respectful of others.
      > Posts that flame or ridicule others will not be
      > tolerated.
      > Thank you,
      > BP Owner

      thanx sahib
      for i do realize you mean well
      but intolerance is disrepect
      & disallowing what you dont like will never get you or
      us back to everyones land

      in everyones land
      flamers & ridiculers & everyone else would not only
      have been tolerated but actually welcomed
      & humored

      for in everyones land it is axiomatic that we are all
      equally divine

      & that goes for all our creations too

      no matter how dim any of us may be or seem

      & it is our light & laughter
      rather than our suppression or deletion
      that trump & cool any excessive dimness or heat anyone
      may be bringing or feeling

      suppression only empowers & increases its object

      i would also like to congratulate you for finally
      announcing or at least intimating publicly for the
      first time that we are actually living under the
      censors knife here at bp for the first time
      & that we are in fact no longer in the totally open
      forum we had been enjoying til now

      for this is a critical & essential disclosure that
      deserves to be explicitly made not only at bpp but at
      bp as well

      & i myself treasure the rise we finally got out of
      this slightly strange flamer individual who had been
      lurking so silently & dimly here for years

      therefore i am restoring his lost bp message 20197
      here at bpp
      & even honoring it by placing it here at the top of
      our message board

      --- michaelanazapela2000 <mikey316@...> wrote:

      > --- In BoundaryPoint@yahoogroups.com, aletheia
      > kallos <aletheiak@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > Snip ranting rubbish
      > Alethiak, just shut up. No-one cares about your
      > obsessive
      > multipointing, and you're frankly a complete
      > lunatic.

      --- boundary_point_owner <bp-owner@...> wrote:

      > Mike,
      > The post tonight that flamed you has resulted in its
      > author's being
      > placed on moderation. Please do not reply to it.
      > I will not allow such behavior by anyone.
      > BP-Owner

      & further discussion of these true proceedings of
      everyones land is indeed invited in this secondary
      since some of us may need or want or like to talk
      about this topic
      now that it has been broached

      if anyone is unclear about what everyones land is or
      please just check our 371 hits on this topic at bp

      here they are in reverse chronological order
      so you may want to start at the end
      or rather the true beginning
      in bp message 148

      the full trove includes some particularly cogent
      contributions & reactions from
      peter hering
      bill hanrahan
      mats hessman
      martin pratt
      david mark
      brendan whyte
      peter smaardijk
      brian butler
      grant hutchison
      jan krogh
      ross finlayson
      doctor potatoes
      jack parsell
      jesper nielsen
      kevin meynell
      john seeliger
      karolis bajoraz
      francisco xuaxo
      anton zeilinger
      kevin flynn
      john kelly
      brendan pit hokie
      lowell g mcmanus
      michael kaufman
      len nadybal
      petter brabec
      adam villani
      wolfgang schaub
      doug murray
      bill burke
      barry arnold
      hugh wallis
      asher samuels
      & for everyones ice harry ten veen

      for if we can see far
      it is because we are standing on the shoulders of

      so thanxx to all for your consideration & for being here

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