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(BSW) St. Anthony's Wilderness BSW trip and May 30-31 foray

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  • Kathy Bilton
    From Rod Simmons Rod.Simmons@alexandriava.gov Hi all, I spoke with Lou Aronica today and we chose April 25 & 26 as dates for the St. Anthony s Wilderness BSW
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2009
      From Rod Simmons

      Hi all,

      I spoke with Lou Aronica today and we chose April 25 & 26 as dates for the
      St. Anthony's Wilderness BSW field trip, with May 2 & 3 as alternate dates
      if the others don't work. Please let's more or less take an email vote if
      the April dates work for this and we'll set the dates if we get enough
      takers. (Note from Kathy: please reply to Rod:
      Rod.Simmons@... ) Lou says the site is loaded with spring
      wildflowers, ferns, and other plants at that time of year. Kathy, would
      you please send this out to folks? Thanks. I'll also make an
      announcement at next month's meeting.

      This trip could be a one day or an 2-day overnight trip, depending on
      folks' interest. There's a nice place to stay and eat nearby for

      Doyle Hotel in Duncannon, PA http://www.doylehotel.com (717)834-6789

      The place caters especially to AT hikers and has nice rooms for $25 a

      The sites for the May 30-31 foray to State College/Lewisburg area can be
      seen on a great website:

      Go to http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/FORESTRY/oldgrowth

      Find the cluster of D4, D3, and D5 in lower center of PA map and click on
      each to see photos and descriptions of different field trip sites that are
      in very close proximity to each other, including one to a black spruce
      mountain peatland - Bear Meadows Natural Area (D4).


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