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(BSW) September fieldtrip to southeastern Virginia (fwd)

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  • Kathy Bilton
    Hi - Pat Ford asked me to pass this along to the BSW/ --Kathy For the Sept 15-16 BSW field trip to southeastern Virginia, we will stay in the town of Hopewell
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2007
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      Hi -

      Pat Ford asked me to pass this along to the BSW/


      For the Sept 15-16 BSW field trip to southeastern Virginia, we will stay in the
      town of Hopewell Sat (9/15)night. There are 6 hotels in Hopewell:

      The closest States Park I found is Chippokes State Park
      (http://www.stateparks.com/chippokes_plantation.html). Does anyone know of any other close campgrounds?
      In order for us to get a group room rate, I need to know how many people plan to
      stay in a hotel in Hopewell? Please contact Pat Ford at p2zamora@...
      (phone: 703-519-3042) by August 10, 2007, if you plan on staying in Hopewell Sat
      night .


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      From: Kathy Bilton <kathy@...>
      > See http://www.botsoc.org/BSWSept2007trip.pdf for illustrated pdf about
      > September trip to southeastern Virginia. Text details are copied below.
      > Botanical Society of Washington
      > Annual Field Excursion 2007 Southeastern Virginia
      > Tentative dates: September 15-16 -Saturday & Sunday
      > or
      > September 22-23 -Saturday & Sunday
      > Prince George and Southampton Counties of Virginia
      > Estuarine River Shores and Bottomland Hardwoods
      > The Botanical Society of Washingtons annual field excursion will be a
      > weekend trip to southeastern Virginia in September.
      > We plan to visit three field-sites in Prince George and Southampton
      > Counties, located deep in Virginias cotton and peanut farms, approximately
      > 3 hour drive from Washington D.C. The weekend trip will include a group
      > dinner Saturday evening. We are investigating hotel and camping
      > accommodations in and around the town of Wakefield, a.k.a. "Peanut Capital
      > of the World." Nearby Jamestown 400th anniversary celebrations
      > (1607-2007) can be an additional side trip for those interested; a ferry
      > service across the James River provides a direct access route. Local
      > botanists and/or land managers will be invited to serve as trip leaders
      > for each field site, and participation by state Natural Heritage Program
      > staff is also anticipated.
      > Field sites include:
      > Saturday Afternoon Estuarine Shores of the James River
      > The James River National Wildlife Refuge is located in Prince George
      > County, 8 miles southeast of the City of Hopewell and thirty miles
      > southeast of Richmond. The Wildlife Refuge encompasses 4,200 acres of
      > hardwood forest and wetland habitats along the James River, bordered by
      > Powells Creek to the west, and the historic Flowerdew Hundred Plantation
      > to the east. The Wildlife Refuge offers access to undeveloped estuarine
      > (freshwater-tidal) shores and adjacent marshes, shrub zones, and forests.
      > While similar in general appearance to the Washington-area shores of the
      > tidal Potomac or Patuxent, or Chesapeake Bay, the James River flora
      > includes numerous southerly species that dont extend farther north into
      > the Washington region. Plant species of particular importance include
      > sensitive joint vetch (Aeschynomene virginica) and Longs bittercrest
      > (Cardamine longii). Both of these species are globally rare and are
      > candidates for listing as endangered species.
      > For more information, please see:
      > http://www.fws.gov/northeast/jamesriver/index.html
      > Sunday Morning Old-growth Blackwater Swamp Forest. The Nature
      > Conservancy Blackwater River Preserve is located in Southampton County,
      > just below Hickaneck Swamp, extending about one mile on the West Bank of
      > the Blackwater River.
      > Few examples of Virginias presettlement cypress and hardwood swamp forests
      > remain, and even fewer are accessible without boats or extended
      > cross-country hikes. This preserve has one of the best remaining examples
      > of an ancient bald cypress forest in the Southeast, with some trees
      > estimated to be least 800 years old!
      > We are requesting approval to take our group into the Preserve. If such a
      > visit cannot be readily arranged, we will substitute a different
      > non-estuarine wetland habitat in the general area.
      > For more information on the Blackwater River Preserve, please see:
      > .html
      > Sunday Afternoon Brief supplementary site. Similar to other weekend
      > excursions, a third site in the area will be selected for a brief
      > afternoon visit for those interested, noting that some will want to return
      > home in daylight. The third site might provide another example of one of
      > the habitats already visited, or a brief introduction to a different
      > ecological area in the same region. Suggestions are welcome!
      > Pat Ford of the Society's field-trip committee is coordinating and
      > organizing this year's excursion. Please contact her for further
      > information or to provide suggestions, especially for local trip leaders,
      > possible restaurants for Saturday evenings dinner, accommodations in the
      > Wakefield area, and possibilities sites for the Sunday afternoon field
      > stop. Or, if you have a preference for September 15-16 or 22-23. She may
      > be contacted by phone: (703)-358-2494 (workday) or (703)-519-3042
      > (evening/weekend), or by e-mail at: p2zamora@... (best option).
      > Larry Morse (Chair) and Pat Ford, BSW Field Trip Committee
      > June 2007.
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