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638[BSW] Tuesday, June 3: Flora of Virginia

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  • Kathy Bilton
    May 25, 2014
      Next meeting: Tuesday, June 3, 7 pm
      Speaker: Marion Lobstein
      Topic: Flora of Virginia: An overview of the Flora and the Future

      Marion B. Lobstein, Professor Emeritus, Northern Virginia Community
      College, Vice-President of the Foundation of the Flora of Virginia
      Project, Former President of BSW (1987-1988)

      Virginia, for its landmass, has the most diversity of vascular plant
      species of any state in the United States. The Colony of Virginia had the
      first flora, Flora Virginica, of any of the colonies which was last
      updated in 1762. Since 1926 the Virginia Academy of Science has supported
      efforts to produce a modern Flora of Virginia. In 2001 the Foundation of
      the Flora of Virginia was formed in 2001 to realize this goal. The Flora
      of Virginia was published in December 2012. The second printing with
      corrections was published December 2013. The Foundation of the Flora of
      Virginia project will continue to function to accomplish future goal of
      the Project. Marion Lobstein will overview the development and features of
      the Flora of Virginia and will discuss future plans of the Foundation of
      the Flora of Virginia Project to supplement the Flora.

      (Flier will be available this week.)


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