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Guide to a free 40GB Photo ipod.

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  • steve_hbsn
    Hi!! Since most college students would love an ipod, I decided to write a guide on how to get a Color screen Photoipod 40GB capacity for free! I didnt believe
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2005

      Since most college students would love an ipod, I decided to write a
      guide on how to get a Color screen Photoipod 40GB capacity for free! I
      didnt believe in it either until I actually got one a week or so ago
      :D :D

      There is an offer in the states where you can get yourself a free
      photoipod (a colour screen ipod) with 40GB capacity worth $499! You
      have to complete 1 offer on the site and get 10 people to complete an
      offer each. You might think that they will rip you off with even this
      one offer but they dont! There is even one offer that doesnt even
      require you to provide your credit card number or purchase anything,
      thus that offer is free! This was the offer that I chose to complete
      my offer and most of my 10 referrals chose the same offer, and you can

      This guide consists of these parts (you can use them as a summary):

      1) Signup on this site:

      or via this site:

      2) Once signed up, log out, go check your email, activate your
      account, then re-login.

      3) Once you re-login see the list of offers you can choose, and for
      detailes for a specific offer, including time, cost etc. etc look it
      up on this site:

      4) Choose one offer, complete it, and wait till you get credited for

      5) In the mean time give friends/relatives/strangers (:D) your
      referral link and request them to sign-up under you and complete an

      6) Once your offer is credited and you get 10 people, they ship the
      ipod out to you!



      1) Signup on this site (please use this link, as its my roommates
      referral link):


      There is one important thing to note though. You have to be living in
      the United States to avail of this free photoipod offer!(use a Yahoo!
      or GMail account to sign up, but do not, I repeat DO NOT use a Hotmail
      account to sign up as all the messages get deleted :p)
      Ok here is the deal, besides you getting a free Ipod Photo 40GB, since
      you guys are helping my friend out, I will give you guys a free GMail
      Invite to create a 1000MB capacity email account from Google (www.
      gmail.com) provided that you sign-up and complete an offer
      successfully. Besides this, my roommate since he is really desperate
      for a free ipod, has decided to give $10 to each person who signs-up
      and completes an offer. As you know this is pretty smart as you end up
      getting an ipod for $100 if you give $10 to 10 people. You guys can do
      the same to encourage people to sign-up under you.


      2) Once signed up, log out from the free ipods site, go check your
      email, activate your free ipods account, then re-login via this link:


      3) Now comes the main part. You have to complete an offer. Now you can
      go through the list to see which offer you would like to take part.
      All the offers on the site are on a trial basis, and usually can be
      cancelled within 30 days.
      For more details regarding the different offers you can choose from to
      complete your one offer please see this site:
      The site above gives a description of most of the offers that you
      could choose to complete an offer. Choose any free offer except the GM
      Card one as they end up charging u like $30.00 for it. I would suggest
      that you choose any of the other offers that cost $0.00 or if you
      really like one of the offers that the company allows you to choose
      from and would genuinely like to test them out, be my guest.


      4) Once you have decied which offer you wanna complete, login to your
      free ipods account (if you are not already) click the offer, a new
      window whould open, do as it says, and complete the offer. Now it
      takes time for an offer to be completed. Some take a day or so..while
      others take around 3 weeks. Most people choose an offer that costs $5.
      00 as they end up getting credited within a week or less. To check the
      status of your credit, after you have logged in into your account, you
      can check the 'Status' page. It shows you the status of yuor offer and
      also the status of your referrals.


      5) In the mean time give friends/relatives/strangers (:D) your
      referral link and request them to sign-up under you and complete an
      offer. Your referral link is usually emailed to you, and is
      also available on the 'Status' page of your account.


      6) Once you get credited for your offer and also get 10 people under
      you to complete an offer, login, and the site will ask you to re-enter
      your shipping address. Yay you got your ipod!
      Actually not yet. The company ships the ipod using FedEx, DHL & UPS so
      it takes around 4 days for it to reach you (took me 3 actually but I
      wasnt there when the delivery guy came ;-) ). Since they are shipped
      via world-known shippers, they usually include the tracking number in
      your 'status' page, thus you can check the exact location of your ipod
      being shipped to you!

      PROOF section: Well lets face it. I didnt believe it either initally.
      But i found out the hardway that this is not a scam. There is an
      easier way to convince yourself that this is not a scam. CNN
      and other networks, newspapers have written about this. There is a
      site set up too that provdes link to all the articles etc. and also
      has links to personal webpages of people (with pics of
      receving the ipod) who have received the ipod. The site is:
      1) http://www.freebieauthority.com/proofpages.php
      2) http://www.freebieauthority.com/proofpage.php?
      3) http://www.freebieauthority.com/proofpage.php?

      Well thats it. I would also like to include a few other things:
      1) You can post your referral link in forums, groups, you name it. Its
      2) If you have 2 addresses, and have a spouse, you can get them to
      sign-up under you but enter the 2nd postal address and use their name
      3) You have to be living in the United States. If you are not and try
      to sign-up you will get an error that you are not from the states.

      If you have any questions, please email:

      Well thats it. This covers it all. So go and sign up for the ipod you


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