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  • Joseph Teller
    ... Ryan generally seems to think (and part of this comes from his much flaunted but highly questionable national research poll) that the market for 3 ed D&D
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2000
      > Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:04:45 -0400
      > From: "Vivian Abraham" <vabraham@...>
      > Subject: Re: Followup
      > I didn't take your email as a personal attack, and I hope that you did not
      > take mine as one. I have no desire to wave credentials around, which is why
      > I did not respond to any of your questions as to whether I had any.
      > You stated that WOTC cannot design a quality game and thinks gamers are
      > stupid. You are entitled to that opinion. But I disagreed and I wanted to
      > hear what you based it on. From the sounds of your reply, you based it
      > largely upon Ryan Dancy's actions and statements. In this, I agree. Ryan
      > Dancy cannot design a quality game and he thinks gamers are stupid. But
      > Ryan Dancy did not design Third Edition D&D.

      Ryan generally seems to think (and part of this comes from his
      much flaunted but highly questionable national research poll) that
      the market for 3 ed D&D is the 13 thru 25 age group, and that
      gamers suddenly stop buying game products when they pass that
      age group. And this means he considers gamers "young,
      impressionable and stupid" easy to manipulate and develop brand
      loyalty in the same way they have done with other products like
      Poke Mon. Lots of press, lots of product saturation, and lots and
      lots of HYPE.

      I know full well than Jonathan Tweet is working on the game, but I
      also know that he is NOT saying much about the project from his
      recent writing in A&E, except that he got into the lead position of
      the 3rd Ed. design team after a secret, sideline project was shelved
      with a lot of kibitzing effort on his part. He's also mentioned that the
      Dragon Fist game came out of a scheme that he promoted, which
      failed, to do new RPGs with the D&D mechanics (and which the
      secret project was connected to). And now "Strangely enough,
      Wizards plan to design and release new RPGs with D&D style
      mechanics (such as Star Wars)." [quote from his zine in A&E 299].

      Personally I don't hold Jonathan Tweet as the end all and be all of
      game designers (I just don't like many of the games he's
      designed), nor do I generally hold to the concept that because
      someone has produced something good that their next game
      product will also be good (no more than I hold that with SF/Fantasy
      authors, who often get a few good books out and then start writing
      bad formula fiction or start trying to stretch out short stories into
      novel lengths to meet deadlines).

      Consider me a hard sell when it comes to D&D. Heck, I'm a hard
      sell on class based games of any kind (including much of White
      Wolf's games). Been there, done that, had sufficient frustrations
      with poorly thought out limitations. I'm also nearly impossible to
      sell on minimalist games (and impossible to sell on Free Form
      Games and LARPS - and yes I have experienced both and found
      both wanting beyond my ability to accept).

      What do I like? Ironclaw is the most recent commercial game I've
      had a chance to work with thats new on the market (we'll be doing
      some playtesting with company staff members this summer of
      supplemental materials they are working on for the game). I also
      accept (but complain about the problems with) GURPS and the
      Call of Cthuhlu/RQ 2/3/Elric family of games.

      But, maybe thats why I design my own game systems, because I
      find that many of the commercial games aren't well designed in
      regards to their mechanics and the concept of game balance and
      allowing character design freedom.


      Joe Teller Chief Librarian
      "Isn't It Time To Put Some Fantasy In Your Life?"
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