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Players/GMs wanted for Monsterhearts!

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  • Cassandra Lease
    Seeking players and/or backup GMs (MCs) for Monsterhearts, the game about being a teenage monster (or just a teenager, which is almost as bad). Monsterhearts
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2013
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      Seeking players and/or backup GMs (MCs) for Monsterhearts, the game about
      being a teenage monster (or just a teenager, which is almost as bad).
      Monsterhearts is a highly player-driven game in which the plot arrives
      naturally from characters' backstories, interactions, and personal
      problems. You can find out more at

      This will be a decidedly queer-friendly game, as queer content is
      encouraged by design and Word of God in the game, and our existing players
      are all members or allies of the LGBT community. It will also involve
      themes of sexuality, romance, isolation, social conflict, angst, and
      various flavors of horror. It may get quite intense. Players will be
      expected to be mature and open-minded. (I don't expect to have much trouble
      finding such here.)

      I'm currently planning to MC, but I'd like to recruit a backup MC or two as
      well. Ideally, everyone will get to play, and the MC of the moment will be
      whomever isn't in a given scene or whomever isn't directly affected by
      current actions or events. However, I'd also be willing to pass the reins
      off to someone who wanted to act as a pure MC rather than an MC/player
      hybrid wrought by dark science and the mad arts.

      Date/Time: To be determined, but most likely weekend afternoons or evenings.
      Frequency: Probably every other week.
      Location: My initial plan was to run this game online through Google
      Hangouts or some such. However, if all the players end up being from the
      Boston area, we may just do this in person instead. Sadly, I can't host, so
      hosting would be TBD at that time.
      Commitment Level: Monsterhearts is best run with a small, tight-knit group.
      The first couple of sessions will likely be 'getting to know you' time, to
      some degree, but we'll prefer to have everyone in regular attendance after
      that. I'm shooting for a group of 5 or (possibly) 6 people, myself
      included, no more.
      System: Spawn of Fash...I mean Monsterhearts.
      People already invited: Two other people I've gamed with in the past.
      Possibly one more.
      Setting/Style/Darkness Level: Exact setting TBD. Genre will be supernatural
      romance/horror. Think Twilight, except good. Or The Vampire Diaries, The
      Secret Circle, or the angstier parts of Buffy. The precise darkness level
      will be up to the group, but it could potentially get quite dark.

      If you're interested, please drop me a line off-list, and let me know if
      you'd be willing to MC even part-time. I'm happy to answer additional
      questions as well. Thanks!

      Cassandra Lease (a.k.a. Autumn Riordan) :: cassandra.lease@...
      "The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day
      to the stars." - Carl Sagan

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