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  • Barry A. Pease
    Hi, I am clearing our my bookshelves. What s leaving my house is all of these books for games I loved (or, in some cases, wanted to love) but cannot find time
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009

      I am clearing our my bookshelves. What's leaving my house is all of
      these books for games I loved (or, in some cases, wanted to love) but
      cannot find time to play, or are no longer current editions. I can't
      believe how much cash all of these totaled! The investment/expenditure
      we make for our fun.

      Many people on these lists enjoy the older editions of games, so I'm
      hoping they can find a good home.

      Please contact me via e-mail: barry@...
      If I don't respond within 24 hours (and it's a weekday), assume you got
      spam blocked, and send a note to the list letting me know you want me to
      contact you.

      Hero Games/Champs:
      Golden Age Champions (softcover) #436
      Champions Universe (softcover) #421
      Hero Bestiary (softcover) #507
      Justice, Not Law (softcover) #430
      Western Hero (softcover) #504
      Classic Organizations (softcover) #416
      Viper (softcover) #425
      Dark Champions: Heroes of Vengeance (softcover) #423
      Champions: THe Super Role-playing Game Deluxe Hardcover #451 (4.2
      Edition) Heromaker software missing
      Legend of the Five Rings core rullebook (hardcover) - AEG3001
      Game Master's Pack x2 (unopened)
      Walking the Way - Lost Spells of Rokugan (softcover) AEG3011
      The Way of the Dragon (softcover) AEG3003
      The Way of the Phoenix (softcover) AEG3017
      Vampire: The Masquerade WW2002 (Hardcover)
      Masquerade: Second Edition WW5200 (Softcover)
      Mutants & Masterminds Core Book I
      Based on D20 System:
      Silver Age Sentinels core rulebook & character folio
      Gamma World Player's Handbook
      Traveller 20 - Traveller's Handbook (Hardcover) QLI-T200001
      Spycraft D20 System Espionage Role-PLaying Game (hardcover) (AEG)
      Version 3.0 (d20 system)
      Player's Handbook
      Dungeon Master's Guide
      Character Sheets
      Monster Manual
      Monster Manual II
      Epic Level Handbook
      Psionics Handbook
      Dieties and Demigods
      Manual of the Planes
      Forgotten Realms: Faiths and Pantheons
      Tome & Blood (Guidebook to Wizards & Sorcerers)
      Song & Silence (Guidebook to Bards & Rogues)
      Defenders of the Faith (Guidebook to Clerics and Paladins)
      Masters of the Wild (Guidebook to Barbarians, Druids and Rangers)
      Sword & Fist (Guidebook to Fighters and Monks)
      Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
      The Sunless Citadel (1st level characters)
      The Forge of Fury (3rd level characters)
      The Fright at Tristor (Living Greyhawk)

      Mongoose Publishing
      The Quintessential Elf (MGP 4005)
      The Quintessential Wizard (MGP 4004)
      The Quintessential Rogue (MGP 4002)
      Encyclopedia Arcane: Elementalism: The Primordial Force (MGP 1008)
      Encyclopedia Arcane: Battle Magic: The Eldritch Storm (MGP 1005)

      Fast Forward Entertainment:
      Swords of Power
      Wondrous Items of Power

      Sword & Sorcery Studios:
      The Book of Eldritch Might by Monte Cook/Malhavoc Press
      The Book of Eldritch Might II - Songs & souls of Power by Monte
      Cook/Malhavok Press
      Relics & Rituals
      Relics & Rituals II - Lost Lore
      Creature Collection
      Creature Collection II: Dark Managerie
      The Divine & The Defeated

      Fantasy Flight Games - Legends & Lairs:
      Traps & Treachery
      Spells & Spellcraft

      AEG 8327: Dungeons

      Bastion Press: Arms & Armor
      Version 3.5
      Dungeon Master's Guide
      Player's Handbook

      Magic of Eberron
      Secrets of Xen'drik
      Five Nations
      Sharn: City of Towers
      Races of Eberron
      Faiths of Eberron
      Player's Guide to Eberron
      Explorers Handbook

      Thanks for looking,

      Barry Pease
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