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Hello + JiffyCon, March 8th

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  • Nathan Paoletta
    Hi everyone, I just joined the list, and it happens to coincide with an event I m co-organizing, so I figured I d send out something about both! I ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
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      Hi everyone,

      I just joined the list, and it happens to coincide with an event I'm
      co-organizing, so I figured I'd send out something about both! I've
      been living and gaming in Boston for a couple of years now, and
      having a great time with both (despite the weather). I'm currently
      playing GURPS and 3.5 D&D, both for the first time ever(!) and
      running an intermittent game of Mortal Coil. I love all kinds of
      games, and I've been writing and self-publishing games since 2005.
      Which brings me to the event in question: JiffyCon Boston!

      Next Saturday, March 8th, will be the second annual JiffyCon Boston.
      It's a day of semi-organized gaming, focused mainly on small-press
      and "indie" style games, and will be held at Pandemonium, in Central
      Square. You can see the schedule and full details at the website,

      The current slate of games is a good mix of games in playtest and
      published games that have fun written all over them (Spirit of the
      Century, Polaris, Dread and Shock: Social Science Fiction, among
      others). Many of the games are run by their designers.

      Anyhow, it should be a fun time. I hope to meet and game with some
      new people there!
      -Nathan P.
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