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[BG] Re: Gaming, Gender and Environment, (was Cindy's "Hey Gamers" forward

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  • Bob Traynor
    Message 1 of 157 , Aug 1, 2003
      <<Of course, I'm not saying that I want to get *smashed* during a
      game, but a vodka-tonic or two never hurt. And hey, who *hasn't* done
      tequila shots during long combat scenes?>>

      Me. I can't imagine needing to drink in order to roleplay, and I
      don't want my players or my gamemasters guzzling in profusion either.
      That European gamers consider our cultural attitudes to pervasive
      alcohol use weird is all very well and good for them, I suppose, but
      probably no more significant than hypothetical Middle Eastern gamers
      smoking marijuana during games.
    • mathew
      ... What, you mean you re not vegan? mathew [ OK, how about a couple of slices of dry bread and a glass of water? ]
      Message 157 of 157 , Aug 13, 2003
        On Tuesday, Aug 5, 2003, at 15:07 US/Eastern, Adam Bell wrote:
        > No offense intended to any of them on the list, but I have been
        > absolutely floored by the number of things my gaming group just doesn't
        > like / is allergic to / never acquired the taste for. And I'm not
        > talking about calf's brains, either.
        > If you do end up making something "weird" and wanting it to be a
        > surprise, then providing also something of the challenge level of
        > cheese pizza might be a good bet.

        What, you mean you're not vegan?

        [ "OK, how about a couple of slices of dry bread and a glass of water?"
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