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Couple Seeks RPG Group

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  • Stephen Jarjoura
    Hello, All; Lisa and I (Steve) are looking for a like-minded group of roleplayers, to begin a regular game with. If interested, please reply! WHERE: Anywhere
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
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      Hello, All;

      Lisa and I (Steve) are looking for a like-minded group of roleplayers, to begin a regular
      game with. If interested, please reply!

      Anywhere near Boston (Hyde Park area) or along the I-90 corridor as far west as
      Framingham. Pretty much, anywhere within 30 minutes of the Hyde Park area of Boston.

      Preferably, Saturday nights. Other nights are open, the next most preferred would be
      Friday nights. Sunday's are right out.

      I'd prefer a weekly game (it keeps things hopping!) but realize that this may not be
      realistically possible for many people. So, if you can only accommodate biweekly, that's
      cool too. Regularity is important, so "whenever we can find time" will not do. We are
      really looking for a group that will get together every week (or two weeks) and set aside
      a block of time (4+ hours) for some game playing. [Of course, with the usual socializing,
      Mountain Dew drinking, and break for ordering carry-out!]

      Lisa & I are in our 30's, and are seeking other mature gamers as well. I am very
      experienced with many game systems and several long standing campaigns. I am both
      qualified and eager to both play and GM, if needed. Lisa is new to roleplaying games
      but very familiar with the operant concepts and eager to experience a really good
      campaign. In preparation she has read through the rule sets of several systems ("The
      Window" and "GURPS Lite") so she is very familiar with terms, concepts, and

      We are open to ideas. I would very much prefer a "rules lite" system like many of the
      indie systems available freely or cheaply from http://www.indie-rpgs.com/ as well as
      other, roleplaying-heavy, combat mechanics-lite systems such as Everway. Some of
      my favorites include: "The Pool", "The Window", "Sorcerer", and "Everway." Having said
      that, I have played extensively with Hero Systems and D&D3E (both good possibilities)
      ... so a main stream system is not out of the question.

      The genre we'd prefer is something along the lines of "In Nomine" and/or "Nobilis." [Two
      more systems, we'd be willing to learn and play.]

      What we're really looking forward to is the ability to roleplay interesting characters in a
      fascinating setting, where the players decisions / characters actions actually make a
      difference. If you're a "The game book is my bible, all who question the holy rules are
      heretics!" then we're probably not going to be compatible. If you're more like, "Sure, I've
      never heard of a character concept like that before, but I think I can accommodate that
      in my campaign ..." then you are more along the lines of what I have in mind.

      If you already have a group (sort of) like what I've described above and just want to add
      two (2) more players ... then we are game! If, instead, you'd prefer to be players and
      have someone else GM, then I am more then willing and we can proceed from there.

      I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you!

      ~Steven & Lisa~

      Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind.
      To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all.
      ~ Buddha
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