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  • Keith McConnell
    Hey there, I m so glad that you are interested. Let us see if you are still interested after I give you the scenerio. Let me start with the history to get you
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      Hey there,

      I'm so glad that you are interested. Let us see
      if you are still interested after I give you the
      scenerio. Let me start with the history to get you up
      to speed on what is going on now.

      This is the history the characters would know.
      The trouble started 1500 years ago with the founding
      of Elos. Elos bacame very rich trading with the
      surrounding countries. It also started to trade with
      the Kingdoms of Eldor and of Kalamar. These kingdoms
      were large and very powerful. Elos set up a trade
      empire with the surrounding countries and became the
      Elos Protectorate. They ruled there empire with gold,
      buying their magic and mercenaries. They employed some
      of the most powerful mages in the world and vast
      mercenary armies. After 500 years of slowly swallowing
      up other countries Eldor and Kalamar became extremely
      worried about the expansionist tendencies of Elos and
      minor skirmishes occured at the borders. These
      skirmishes eventually escalated to an all out war.
      Being the evil empire that they were Elos used
      powerful death magics against the peoples of Eldor and
      Kalamar and hundreds of thousands of people died. Amid
      this chaos an anti-magic group called The White Hand
      led a campaign against all forms of magic. The
      mercenaries of Elos appalled at this blatant use of
      magic sided with The White Hand and turned upon the
      mages of Elos. Being the evil mages that they were
      they unleashed such a powerful magic upon the
      advancing united armies that it devasted all of Elos
      leaving it a vast desert. After the collapse of Elos
      Endor and Kalamar couldn't sustain there own kingdoms
      and they fractured into smaller kingdoms. These
      kingdoms were sparsely populated and all magic, even
      clerical, was forever banned. The lands settled into
      an age of enlightenment where the influence of the
      evil magic held no sway. Even magical creatures were
      chased to the far reaches of the world.
      The characters will start in the country of
      Eldor. It is a very humanocentric and xenophobic
      country. All non humans are treated as second class
      citizens. Elves are especially despised. This is
      because about 300 years ago the people's hatred of the
      Elves reached a fever pitch. Since the Elves sided
      with the evil mages they must be eradicated and
      several settlers had been killed by Elves an army
      marched into the Lendel Wood. There have been rumors
      that you have heard that all of this hatred was
      stirred up to take the wood and other resources away
      from the Elves and that is was the humans who
      encroached on Elven land but how can this be true.
      (Wink wink). The Elves using some sort of magic (since
      they remained invisible before any fighting started
      and disappeared after it was over) routed the army of
      Eldor and sent them back home. An uneasy truce has
      been maintained since then. Eldor still trades with
      the other races but tensions remain. Orcs and the
      other humanoid races are killed on sight and certain
      nobles will go and hunt Orcs for sport. There is
      currently a large bounty out on these creatures.

      The characters can play any race and most classes
      except for any magic using classes. Fear not, magic is
      returning to the world and characters will have
      opportunities to use it. But at the current time magic
      is hated and feared. The White Hand is like the
      Gestapo when it comes to this. They are well financed
      and are unquestioned by the government. Even rumors of
      people using magic will cause that person to be

      The characters will begin the adventure in
      Darian, the capital of Eldor. A great yearly festival
      has brought peoples from all over the lands to come
      and partake in the week long event. Games similiar to
      the Olympics are held. Humans in the main games and
      non humans stages their own less formal games.

      I like the characters to role play and come up
      with a personal or family history so that I can use it
      against them. Opps, I mean so that I can make their
      experience much more rewarding.

      This is a brief sketch of the world. Email me if
      you have any questions.

      Thanks, Keith

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