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Dragon Dice at Pandemonium I'm hoping to get some Dragon Dice games going at Pandemonium. Open board gaming night Wednesdays 6-11 (I'm usually there c.5:30-9:30). A couple of us will
Apr 14
Apr 13
SE MA looking for players for Clasic D&D (and other games) Hello, Who we are We run a weekly D&D game at our home between exits 10 & 11 off of rte 3 on the South Shore of MA. We meet every Saturday (with some few
Apr 10
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NESFA gaming events for April Hello everyone. There will be 3 gamedays at the NESFA clubhouse in April. April 12, 13, and 19. April 12 is 10am to 2am, April 13 is 10am to 10pm, and April
Mar 25
Re: DM Looking For Players or Will Adopt Groups With No DM for Editi I am interested. I'll send you more info off list. ... -- Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar. ~Waldo Butters * Dead Beat*
Mar 10
DM Looking For Players or Will Adopt Groups With No DM for Edition 3 Hello All, As spring approaches around the corner I am looking to organize a new D&D 3.5 group or if you have lost your DM I am willing to adopt. Here are the
Mar 10
Bardic Night Mar 25 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We would like to remind you of the following event ... it’s Bardic Night! Ye Olde Commons, the gamers’ tavern and LARP camp, is pleased
Harald Henning
Mar 6
Apr 5 LARP Costume Swap Hi All - YOC and LIONE is organizing a LARP costume and prop swap on Apr 5 at YOC - check out details at http://lionerampant.com/pages/Swap We hope you can
Harald Henning
Mar 6
NESFA Open House Gameday on March 8th Hello everyone. The next open house gameday at the clubhouse this Saturday, March 8th, starting at noon and ending no earlier than midnight. The address is 504
Mar 3
Re: 3.5 Quincy, MA Homebrew Game The more epic a thing is, the larger the shadow it casts. Boston, MA—Homebrew (3.5 rules)—DM—1-2 additional players. Play Location/Method: Boston, MA
Feb 20
3.5 Quincy, MA Homebrew Game Hello My wife and I are putting together a small gaming group (3 plus DM) Running a homebrew setting with 3.5 mechanics. Story 75% battle 25% Located 2 blocks
Deacon Rayne
Feb 17
Break those winter blues with gaming, fun and friends! Tired of staying indoors, tired of the cold and snow? Break those winter blues with gaming, entertainment, friends and fun at TotalCon! You deserve it. One
Feb 10
Kingdom Quest 2 Player Openings New Campaign Starting Kingdom Quest is a play by email game of nation building. It's where Game of Thrones meets Civilization and intersects with D&D. The
Jan 27
Re: Digest Number 3641 Im hosting a screening of knights of badassadom in revere. We need 63 people http://www.tugg.com/events/7472 Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone
Jan 27
Re: A possible Knights of Badassdom showing? Glad to hear! ... -- -- Scott David Gray http://www.unseelie.org/
Scott David Gray
Jan 27
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Re: A possible Knights of Badassdom showing? If there are viewings in the Boston/Metro North area, love to know! D
Jan 27
Re: A possible Knights of Badassdom showing? I saw it this weekend in Salem and it was a lot of fun. I'm working on rounding up a group of friends to come with me for my second viewing. ... -- Life is a
Jan 27
A possible Knights of Badassdom showing? A movie that some of us have been waiting for for some time might be coming, if 71 people reserve tickets soon: http://www.tugg.com/events/7651
Scott David Gray
Jan 26
Unity Games XX Unity Games XX on Saturday, January 25 is a full 15 hours of board gaming goodness in Danvers, MA. The deadline for pre-registration is this weekend, and
Adam Smiles
Jan 17
TotalCon 28 Pre-Reg is OPEN!! TotalCon 28 being held Feb. 20-23, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in nearby Mansfield, MA has opened pre-registration. HUNDREDS of EVENTS to choose from this year!
Jan 17
Re: Game group in Lynn or Malden (Near Oak Grove T-stop) weekend aft Ok, we've had some responses (4) and then some drops (2). We are ready to confirm a game starting in Feb (16th) Sunday in Malden. Anyone else interested
Jan 12
Bolt Action WW2 Gaming This Friday we are hosting Bolt Action miniature games we are focusing on WW2 North Africa and this is part of a on going escalation league sponsored by the
Jan 8
NESFA Gameday this Saturday Hello everyone. Hope everyone had fun over the holidays. There's a gameday at the clubhouse this Saturday from noon to midnight at 504 Medford Street in
Jan 7
Game group in Lynn or Malden (Near Oak Grove T-stop) weekend afterno Looking to start a new RPG group in End of January or in February for playing at either my home in Malden MA, near the Oak Grove Orange line T stop and/or in
Dec 28, 2013
NESFA gameday this Saturday Hello everyone. I do apologize for the late notice on this (been very busy). There is an open house gameday at the NESFA clubhouse this Saturday, the 14th,
Dec 11, 2013
Fight Night YOC Dec 3 Hi All! Puck, the new Steward of the Commons, has started to organize an exciting new series of events at YOC – Fight Night training sessions with martial
Harald Henning
Nov 25, 2013
NESFA gaming event on 11/16 Hello everyone. The next gameday at NESFA is on 11/16, however this is a special gameday. The reason is because game designers will be coming in to test out
Nov 9, 2013
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Re: Arisia Needs More Game Masters Board Rpg miniature games as well ad larps Sent from my iPhone
Mike Dlott
Oct 28, 2013
Re: Arisia Needs More Game Masters Are you looking for board games, RPGs, or anything in general? ... From: Mike Dlott To: bostongamers Sent:
Oct 28, 2013
Re: Arisia Needs More Game Masters Hello all this is Michael Dlott the Head of Gaming for Arisia 2014 (January 17th - January 20th). We are looking for several more table top game masters and
Mike Dlott
Oct 25, 2013
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