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  • John Major
    The second announcement for themecamps from the BM officials- So, is a meeting tommorow night good for ya ll? John
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2001
      The second announcement for themecamps from the BM officials-

      So, is a meeting tommorow night good for ya'll?


      > Hello Theme Camps,
      > This is our second theme camp announcement. (If you did not receive
      > the first one let us know!) Please pass this information along to
      > your other camp mates.
      > Every year we find a camp or two that seemed to miss the critical
      > point that this is a completely non commercial event. That means that
      > no commercial ventures or products should be mentioned in camp names
      > and no commercial products can be sold, bartered or distributed at
      > all. Hope that is pretty clear.
      > AGAIN, please do not email or call asking for your camp location,
      > ESPECIALLY if you know us personally. You should no better by now.
      > Honestly, we have not begun mapping yet so there is no information to
      > be had. Our email volume is over the top. Please refrain.
      > _________________________________________________________________________
      > Do you have what it takes to be a Greeter? If so, what better way is
      > there to kick back to your beloved community than to help out WITH
      > YOUR FRIENDS!! Do a shift greeting with your other camp mates.
      > Last year the Greeters would not have had the bodies they needed to
      > make it happen without theme camps. It was a miracle and we are
      > hoping it will happen again. Check out what all of the varying levels
      > of participation entail at:
      > http://www.burningman.com/participate/greeters_jobs.html
      > Check out the URL below to see what shifts are still available. the
      > "Request a shift Here" button is a the top of the page. We will get
      > you in, but sign up quickly for your ideal shift!
      > http://greeters.burningman.com
      > Also, do you need training for your camp? We will send out some
      > Rousting Roosters to give you an On-PLay-Quicky-Training PRE shift.
      > Later in the year, after your placement is confirmed, you can
      > schedule an appointment from our head Rooster.
      > __________________________________________________________________________
      > Of course you will all be listed on our map that is handed out to all
      > participants as they enter our gates, but if you want to do more to
      > let people know what you are doing or if you have concerns about your
      > loved ones finding you please be aware of the following resources:
      > 1.) The Directory
      > This Directory will be located in inside Playa Information (info
      > Booth) in Center Camp at 6:00 and the inner circle. It is a card
      > catalog system where you can file your name, camp name and address.
      > Your friends can come and look you up!
      > 2.) Messaging Center
      > There will also be the Burning Bell messaging center at Playa
      > Information where you can leave a message for your friend and family
      > under their name.
      > 3.) Radio Spots
      > Burning Man Information Radio is ready to take your messages to be
      > broadcast during the event. There will also be on playa chances to
      > record announcements. Contact Doug at ohdousias@... for all of
      > the details.
      > 4.) Find-A-Camp/Event Bulletin Board
      > Bulletin boards will be located in front of Playa Information. Post
      > signs and flyers and let the staff know what yoou are doing and when.
      > They will spread the word.
      > 5.) WhatWhereWhen
      > The WhatWhereWhen is our program for the event. Within the next four
      > weeks we will ask you to send a short blurb about any events you want
      > listed. Think about what you are going to do and start to plan now.
      > That's it for this announcement! Upcoming announcements will cover
      > the Health Department permitting process, burning procedures and fire
      > barrels, placement (ones the mapping is complete) and a whole bunch
      > more!
      > Have a good weekend!
      > Harley
      > P.S. We can not post to any group lists. Please forward our
      > announcements to your list yourself!
      > Harley K. Dubois
      > Community Services
      > 415 550-3080, ext 106
      > http://www.burningman.com
      > HOTLINE # 415 TOFLAME
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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