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Hot Steaming Action: this Saturday, Oct. 3.

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  • leonid a
    And no, I m not talking about the Steam Bath! I m talking about the Annual Original Yankee Steam-Up at the New England Wireless and Steam Museum in Greenwich,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      And no, I'm not talking about the Steam Bath!

      I'm talking about the Annual Original Yankee Steam-Up at the New
      England Wireless and Steam Museum in Greenwich, RI.
      This was also on the list of events in the M&G email Doug sent out
      earlier this week, but in case you missed it...

      These guys have a bunch of meticulously preserved steam engines,
      including some seriously massive ones. Once a year they power them all
      up with live steam. Which is really a must-see for anyone with a
      passion for awesome (and dangerous) machinery. They have a 100 HP, 18'
      high fire tube boiler, and you know how dangerous these things can
      be... A few of us went last year, and a swell time was had.

      For more info, here's the site:


      I know there are other things to do this Sat., but this is a fairly
      early thing, so it shouldn't even conflict with any of your wilder


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      Subject: [bostonburns] OT: donkey punching, anyone?
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      There gotta be others on this list who want to see some live donkey
      punching as much as I do.

      So, here's the scoop:

      The New England Wireless and Steam Museum in Rhode Island is having their
      annual "Yankee Steam-Up" this coming Saturday. They have a great
      collection of beautifully preserved steam engines from the 19th and early
      20th centuries, and once a year most of them are powered with
      live steam; more engines, large and small are brought in, displayed and
      powered-up by steam enthusiasts from all over the place. All in all, this
      promises to be a most awesome sight (not to mention the equally awesome
      hissing and puffing sound).

      Oh, and the donkey punching. As I said earlier, they feature a great
      number of different steam engine makes and designs, including a couple of
      what they used to call "donkey engines" or "steam donkeys" -- large
      portable engines with characteristic vertical fire tube boilers that were
      used extensively in the logging industry all around North America. As I'm
      sure you all know, the operators of these engines were commonly referred
      to as "donkey punchers". So yeah, it is safe to say that some full-on,
      live donkey punching will take place.


      Here's the info about the museum and the event, they have some pictures
      from previuos years, etc.:


      The museum is located in East Greenwich, RI; it is probably an hour+
      drive from Boston. The event goes between 8:30AM and 4:00PM and the
      admission is $15, with all the proceeds going to the upkeep of the museum
      and its awesome machinery.

      I am most definitely going. I missed it last year and I'm most determined
      not to miss it again. Anyone else want to go check it out?

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