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[seattle-announce] Artists: Want money? (fwd)

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  • Nathaniel Strauss
    Info about BRAF grants. ... Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:43:07 -0800 From: David Peterman To: Seattle Announce
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      Info about BRAF grants.

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      Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:43:07 -0800
      From: David Peterman <david@...>
      To: Seattle Announce <seattle-announce@...>
      Subject: [seattle-announce] Artists: Want money?

      Check out this recent communiqué from the Black Rocks Arts Foundation...
      here's where those thousands of dollars we donated to them after
      Seacompression have the opportunity to come back to us. If you are
      interested in applying, please use the contact information listed below.


      The Black Rock Arts is in its second year. We have just opened our
      Letter of Inquiry application which marks the beginning of this year's
      grant cycle. We ask that you encourage all interactive artists in your
      community to apply for a grant. The foundation's mission is to fund
      interactive, community-based art displayed in a civic context at venues
      other than Burning Man (The foundation is not the funding source for art
      at Burning Man.).

      Whether your local artist needs funding to complete a work in progress,
      to start a new project or to get a piece to a venue, this is a great
      opportunity. We are giving out a series of grants in $100-$500
      allotments. If you know of an artist whose ethos aligns with our
      mission, please forward this email to them. And of course, if you have a
      project in mind or in process that falls within our mission, please do

      The application can be found here:
      If you have any questions, please contact us via email

      For more information about our foundation, please check it out here:

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