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Fwd: [greeters-announce] The Greeter Schedule

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  • Bethany D Patten
    In case anyone wants to sign up for a greeter shift (as an individual), the sign-up schedule should be online today. AutoSub has a camp shift Tuesday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
      Morning all...
      Yep, it is indeed June 1st. 
      Here is the link:
      We are having some computer glitches... the schedule should be up soon.
      Thanks sooooooooooo very much for your patience.
      Remember to hug Granny when you see him on the playa... thank him for all his hard work putting the schedule together.
      Schedule approvals will start happening later in the week... Granny and I will get to them as quickly as we can.
      Anything else, please feel free to contact me at toplessdeb@...
      Topless Deb
      Greeters Project Manager
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