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Fwd: [bostonburn] Gnomefatty Camp was a big success!

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  • Tom Landers
    Welcome back everyone. Nice Burn! ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get email alerts & NEW webcam video instant messaging
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2001
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      Welcome back everyone.
      Nice Burn!

      --- Bob <dance4ever@...> wrote:
      > Just a quick summary to let the non-attending
      > supporters know how
      > everything went at BM 2001.
      > Despite some minor problems, the truck arrived on
      > schedule (a bit
      > early, in fact), and nothing significant was lost or
      > damaged in
      > transit. Even the big mirrored disco ball survived
      > unscathed (although
      > we never used it).
      > We set up the dj rig in the back end of the truck as
      > planned, and it
      > worked & sounded great. The new genny did the job
      > with no problems.
      > The dome was assembled in a couple of hours by an
      > enthousiastic team.
      > Everything fit together fine, and the parachute
      > covered the structure
      > perfectly. We were able to remove 2 horizontal
      > struts to create 2
      > separate doorways without weakening the structure.
      > The floor was
      > covered with tarp and carpet remnants, and the furry
      > red bedspread
      > became the "stage". It looked great and served our
      > needs well. A fine
      > venue for our scheduled events, and a popular
      > chill/hang/nap space day
      > & night for members of our camp and numerous
      > visitors.
      > A 15-foot-high Seed of Life (outlined in xmas lites)
      > was erected at our
      > corner, which welcomed visitors and illuminated our
      > dance floor. We
      > set up a bar in the space between the truck and the
      > dome, and Vic found
      > his calling as our star bartender.
      > Andrew was able to resolve his work crisis, and
      > arrived (in an RV w/
      > his friend John from Berkeley) in time to enjoy most
      > of the week.
      > Later, he prepared a wonderful feast.
      > Tuesday's pop trash poetry reading was a huge
      > success. The dome was
      > packed, and everyone hammed it up hilariously.
      > Wednesday's pajama
      > party was not as popular - lots of fun
      > story-telling, but the pajama
      > dress-up theme never really caught on. Both events
      > were followed by
      > hours of lively dancing.
      > We really lucked out weather-wise. Bearably hot
      > during the day,
      > pleasantly warm in the evening, never really cold at
      > night. No
      > precipitation at any time. Windy at times (with
      > resulting dust
      > storms), but never severe or prolonged.
      > Total attendance was about the same as last year.
      > The exponential
      > growth of Burning Man has apparently stopped, at
      > least for now, perhaps
      > because of the downturn in the economy. Disturbing
      > trends evident last
      > year, such as littering, traffic jams, and bad vibes
      > from weekend-only
      > "tourists", were thankfully reduced this year.
      > Creating a safe and
      > sustainable environment has been a major goal of
      > burners for many
      > years, and it was very encouraging to see how well
      > this is working.
      > On the whole, we all had an amazing time, and
      > everyone wants to do it
      > again next year. Hopefully many of our friends who
      > couldn't make it
      > this year will be able to join us in 2002.
      > Thanks to everyone for all their effort, time, and
      > dedication which
      > made Gnomefatty Camp 2001 such a huge success!
      > - Bob
      > PS - There's considerable interest in having a
      > post-burn celebration/
      > debriefing event in a week or two, so we can share
      > our thoughts, relive
      > our experiences, and start planning for next year.

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