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  • Douglas Ruuska
    Jan 28, 2014
      Hope that all of you who went enjoyed the 'Blacula' screening, I, unfortunately, was weighed down and shackled by the twin unfortunate webs of lies and deceits called "getting Shit Done" and thus never left the house. sigh....

      How's the cold treating you? Perhaps by the end of the week, we can have a team of us roped together and attempt to cross the Charles on foot, or perhaps a ski-equipped canoe and wet-suits. Or dress like seals and swim in and out of blow-holes and bark at passersby and lunge threateningly at them as if to eat them. Or ginormous cryo-lobsters, or... Oh, the fun to be had...

      If it all gets too much for you, come on down to the CBC this evening and we can discuss potential art projects for Burning Man and other Summer festivals. The "easy" time of the year is OVER!

      7:30PM 'til late at the Cambridge Brewing Co.


      Holy Shit, in a short week or so, it will be time to start thinking about Firefly already!!!

      See you around!


      Through Jan. 30:
      Dead of Winter: Vampire Movies
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq.

      Tue. Jan. 28:
      Boston APP/Lab: Lessons from Cambridge's Magazine Beach Project  -  6:30PM
      BSA Space, 290 Congress St., Boston

      Wed. Jan. 29:
      Dr. Strangelove 50th Anniversary

      Thur. Jan. 30:
      Free Admission to the ICA  -  5-9:00PM

      Mulholland Drive Screening - 7:00PM
      Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston

      15 Year Anniversary of Elements at Phoenix Landing
      512 Mass. Ave., Central Sq., Cambridge

      Sat. Feb. 1:
      Tours of South Station - 1:00PM

      Burner Bazaar Redtail - 1-6:00PM
      369 Congress St., Boston, 7th Floor

      6th Annual Some Like it Hot Chili Cook-Off  -  122:30PM
      Brattle Plaza at 31 Brattle St., Harvard Sq.

      Sun. Feb. 2:
      GroundHog Day

      Somerville Beard & Moustache Competition - 2:00PM
      Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave., Somerville

      Ladysmith Black Mambazo - 2:00PM
      Sander's Theatre, 45 Quincy St., Harvard Sq.

      Tue. Feb. 4:
      Doug Most: The Race Underground: Boston, New York, and the Incredible Rivalry that Built America’s First Subway - 6:00PM
      BPL, Commonwelth Salon, Copley Sq.

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