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7401For Sale : Space on Boston Burning Truck

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    Jul 29, 2013
      For Sale : One Me share and One Bike Share - Cash preferred:

      Bike Share x 1 = $64.29

      ME sized Share x 1 = $69.57

      TOTAL $133.86

      Please email me if interested... Thank you ....

      Notes from Burning Truck Container Info email dated 07/29/2013:

      A bike share is a bike. The bike does not need to be packed in anything or you can get a cardboard box from a bike store and pack it in there.

      A ME share is 10 cubic feet which is four of the 12 gallon attached lid containers, or three of the 17 gallon. It's not that and a hut, or another Springbar or Kodiak tent.

      Load Day: Start packing. That's right, you think you have all this time, and come Sunday morning, Aug 11th, you'll be throwing thing together wondering why you didn't do it sooner, and wondering if you'll get there in time for load.

      Reminder load day is Aug 11th, if you arrive on the playa Sunday Aug 25th or later, or any of you material is going to be left on the container till Monday Aug 26, you need to be checked in for loading by noon; everyone else, by 2:00pm. For many, this means packing and renting trucks on Saturday, so make appropriate plans now.