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  • Douglas Ruuska
    Jul 23, 2013
      By now most of you have heard about the demise of Dr. Andrew Sewall, aka Dr. Mercury. He was an insturumental part of the Connecticut Burner scene and had just recently stepped down as the Connecticut Regional Representative. Before we lost him to the benefit of the researchers at Yale, where he was applying novel entheogenic techniques to the study of cluster headaches, among other things, Dr. Mercury was an integral part of the Boston Burner scene. He was a highly intelligent, clever, irreverent human being with a wicked sense of humour and the ability to converse insightfully and intelligently with just about anyone. He is missed greatly already. If and when any info on services or donations in his memory become available, I, or someone who has the info, will forward it here to the list.

      Here is a link to his Yale profile:

      In honour of, and to celebrate the life of, this most interesting of fellows, I propose that anyone who is interested in joining me travel out to the Temple to honour his passing. I think that Thursday from 2-4:00PM should be a good time. Meeting at AutoSub, 8:30 & Esplanade, around 2:00PM and heading to the Temple around 2:30PM. Many of us have lost someone in the past year and  although we all mourn and celebrate on our own ways, I feel that as a community it would be nice to visit and remember one who was so part of and instrumental to our community

      Now, back to the business of the celebration of creativity and community, as the good Dr. would only be having us do, let's see what else is up.

      The Smoke & Steam this past weekend at Harbor Arts in East Boston was a raging success. The rin Gods smiled upon us and all of the bad weather and hail and lightning passed South of us. The Pork God blessed us with his toothy grin as well and more than 100-Lbs. of smoked hog made its way into our waiting, gaping maws. The ASub dome went up and folks were able to enjoy fantastic views of the Boston skyline across the harbor. Shoot, it looks like the projects involved, Automatic Subconscious & Video Bleep, even made some money to further their arty Play goals. So, a great big thnk you to everyone who helped make this great good time possible. And, if you have not already been there, make sure to get on over to Harbor Arts sometime soon to check out the views ans the largest display of public art in Boston!

      It is all coming fast & furious now. FIGMENT Boston is this coming weekend. Come on down to the Greenway and chack oput the over 100 artists and performers who are gracing our fine city with the biggest, 4th annual, fantastic, non-commercial, participatory arts event in the city's history! Come on down and volunteer if so willing, or just come on down and explore the cool and the awesome with us on Saturday and Sunday.

      Let's Go Fly a Bike needs your help too. Looking for people who want to help operate this bizarre creation while on-Playa. We have organizers to help wrangle and schedule the volunteers that have signed up so for. We can use some more. The more people who commit to helping man this crack-pot creation, the greater the number of folks who will actually get to Fly A Bike. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out at all by dropping me an email off-list please. If you do not know what I am talking about, check out this image from WIRED Magazine:

      Looks like the Penrose triangle Project is coming along nicely. LOTS of finicky placement and even more welding has begun to produce some pretty cool looking results over at the old shop. For updates and to donate if you feel the need, head over to their kickstarter page:


      Oh My Gawd! Does the truck really really load in 18 short days?!??!?!!!
      Does the Man Burn in 39?  Plenty o' time, plenty o' time, to lose your ever loving mind that is.

      Time Expanding Gin, here I come!

      Tonight, 7:30PM 'til late at the Cambridge Brewing Co.


      Come on down and hoist a pint or two of the finest fermented brew around and tell us all about how you are going to get your Burning Man projects all done LOOOOONG before truck loading. This year for sure.




      I am sure that there is TONS of stuff happening this week in the city that is fun to do. However, projects and deadlines preclude me from either looking for them/going to them. So, at this time of year, ya gets what ya gets.

      Tue. July 23:
      Nave Gallery & Annex Fundraiser - 5-11:30PM
      45 Day St., Davis Sq., Somerville

      Fri. July 26:
      Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

      Sat. July 27:
      Davis Sq. Flea Market - 10:00AM-4:00PM
      Crnr Buena Vista Rd. & Holland St.

      Invasion of the Body Snatchers  -  1:30 & 9:00PM
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

      Sun. July 28:
      Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

      Mon. July 29:
      Gunfight at the OK Corral  -  3:00PM
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

      Tue. July 30:
      Gunfight at the OK Corral  -  7:00PM
      Brattle Theatre, Harvard Sq., Cambridge