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  • Douglas Ruuska
    Jul 16, 2013
      Firefly is over, long live Firefly! I just finished washing the mud off of everything that I own. At least it is not corrosive when moistened, unlike the Playa. There was enough mud on the Rover that we added it to the garden and I expect to see great results from that corner of the plot. What a great event this year! Re, re, re-inspired to get everything done for Burning Man.

      Thursday evening there will be a Boston FIGMENT M&G. A site tour begins at 6:00PM and starts at Dewey Sq. After that, join the crew for drinks at the Granary from 7 'til 10ish. This, our 4th year bringing FIGMENT to Boston should be amazing as the list of artists and performers is pretty darn cool.

      Come on out and support your community in these desperate times. This Saturday afternoon will be the 3rd Annual Smoke & Steam to support both the theme camp Automatic Subconscious that you know and love and hate and whose shade is oh so nice, and Video Bleep whose mastery of the DJ & VJ arts and spherical projection mapping is second to none. Some details are below in the EVENTSES Guide for Sat., July 20.

      Let's Go Fly a Bike needs your help too. Looking for people who want to help operate this bizarre creation while on-Playa. Especially looking for an organizing type person who can be responsible for recruiting and assigning volunteers to shifts. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out at all by dropping me an email off-list please.

      Tonight around 9:00 anyone who is interested will be asked to leave the CBC bar for a brief interlude and help us out on singing a rousing rendition of  'Let's Go Fly a Bike' in the courtyard. Hopefully someone with either a decent video recorder, or, more importantly, a good audio recorder, will be on hand to record us so that it can be used in an Indie-Go-Go campaign to update and send LGFaB to the Playa this year. If there is no recording equipment available, then at least we shall have a bit of fun.

      So much stuff happening, what a whirlwind this time of year always is. Very inspiring, very crazed, very, very... space madness inducing. Add into this frothy mix the fact that we now have 4 Burning Man Regional Representatives! The BMorg has noticed that we are really doing a lot up here in the land of Boston and have seen fit to give us a little more of a voice. Congratulations are in order to Terry Dovidio, Jered Floyd and myself I guess as we join the Peter Durand in representing our regions needs, wants hopes desires and etc. to the larger Burning Man organization.

      Oh My Gawd! Does the truck really really load in 25 short days?!??!?!!!
      Does the Man Burn in 46?  Plenty o' time, plenty o' time, to lose your ever loving mind that is.

      Time Expanding Gin, here I come!

      Tonight, 7:30PM 'til late at the Cambridge Brewing Co.


      Come on down and hoist a pint or two of the finest fermented brew around and tell us all about how you are going to get your Burning Man projects all done LOOOOONG before truck loading. This year for sure.




      July 13-21:
      Outside the Box festival
      Free Music & performing Arts
      Boston Common

      Wed. July 17:
      Mary Louise Kelly reads from Anonymous Sources: A Novel - 7:00PM
      Harvard Bookstore, 126 Mass Ave., Harvard Sq.

      Thur. July 18:
      15th Annual Lantern Festival - 6-9:00PM
      Forest Hills Cemetery

      FIGMENT Boston M&G
      6:00PM at Dewey for a site walk
      7-10ishPM at the Granary Tavern for the actual meetup

      Fri. July 19:
      Earth is being photographed from Saturn today, be sure to wave!

      Art Beat
      Davis Sq., Somerville

      Sat. July 20:
      Art Beat
      Davis Sq., Somerville

      Smoke & Steam  -  2:00PM
      Boston Harbor Arts, 256 Marginal Street, East Boston!
      Grill, smoker, home brew, steam, DJs and performances. 
      RSVP here: videobleeprsvp@...
      Updates will be on the FB event. 

      Sun. July 21:
      MIT Flea! - 9:00AM-2:00PM
      Albany St. Garage, Cambridge

      Davis Sq. Flea Market - 10:00AM-4:00PM
      Crnr Buena Vista Rd. & Holland St.

      Tue. July 23:
      Nave Gallery & Annex Fundraiser - 5-11:30PM
      45 Day St., Davis Sq., Somerville

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