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    Hey Folks! My band has some great new shows coming up, AND our NEW CD is being released soon! We d love to see you at a show, and we re also running a contest
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2006
      Hey Folks!

      My band has some great new shows coming up, AND our NEW CD is being
      released soon! We'd love to see you at a show, and we're also
      running a contest for the CD name. Details below...thanks!

      NEW SHOWS:

      FRI-SUN, MARCH 17th-19th
      The East Coast A Cappella Summit
      Oswego, NY
      Friday: we'll be arriving in town around 8:00pm, you can catch us
      at the hotel
      Saturday: afternoon concert (1:00pm)
      Saturday: main event concert (8:00pm)
      Sunday: Composers Forum Masterclass (11:00am)
      We'll be joined by our good friend and special guest Wes Carroll!
      Website: http://www.casa.org/index.php?

      SATURDAY, MARCH 25th - 7:30PM
      The Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes
      Tufts University - Cohen Auditorium
      We're on FIRST!!
      Website: http://www.harmony-sweepstakes.com/boston.html
      We're in great company this year for the competition, and the show
      should be rockin! As usual, the tickets will probably sell out, so
      get yours now! We'll be performing as four with our good friend Dan
      Lennon from Five O'Clock Shadow!

      NEW CD!

      We are in the final stages of our CD and will be getting them
      pressed soon. We're very proud and excited about this CD and it
      features 4 originals and one cover:

      Do You Trust Me (original written and arranged by Taunia - remixed
      by VFP)
      Cocktail Napkin (written by Shah and Amy Malkoff, arranged by Ben)
      Cool Kidz (written and arranged by Ben)
      Summertime (written by Taunia - kidding. Gershwin, baby!)
      Tall, Dark, and Handsome (written and arranged by Taunia)

      If you'd like to pre-order a CD and have it mailed to you, please
      visit our website (www.pedroband.com ). On the home page, just
      scroll down and you'll find information on how to pre-order. We'll
      be happy to ship it out to you once we receive the final product.
      The scheduled date will likely be early April. After that, we'll be
      selling them on various online stores, but the price will be going
      up. So get a deal from us! :)


      Have a brilliant CD title name for us? Email us back, and if we
      select your title name, you get a free signed CD with a VFP gift
      package! We'll list all of the submissions on our website.

      Many thanks to you all for your continued support! Hope to you see
      you soon. Happy Spring!

      Taunia, Ben, Shah, & Dan Lennon!
      Vote For Pedro
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