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East Coast A Capella Review Show playlist 11/2/05

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  • linda cascio
    WELCOME TO THE EAST COAST A CAPELLA REVIEW Broadcasting on The Harmony Network (THN) every Wednesday evening from 7PM to 11PM (EST) To access the show, log on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
      Broadcasting on The Harmony Network (THN) every Wednesday evening from 7PM to 11PM (EST)
      To access the show, log on to the following link and tune in.
      Hi Everyone,
      If you tuned in to the East Coast A Capella Review Show, last Wednesday, 11/2/05 on The Harmony Network (THN), the following is a list of songs that were broadcast:
      Song Title/Artist
      Streets of the Bronx/Cool Change
      Morse Code of Love/Mighty Echoes
      Unchained Melody/Mighty Echoes
      My True Story/Mighty Echoes
      Fools Fall in Love/Mighty Echoes
      Under the Boardwalk/Mighty Echoes
      Teenager in Love/Mighty Echoes
      Gloria/Mighty Echoes
      Sh Boom/Mighty Echoes
      What Time is It/Mighty Echoes
      Blue Moon/Mighty Echoes
      Teddy Bear/Mighty Echoes
      Remember Then/Mighty Echoes
      What's Your Name/Mighty Echoes
      The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Mighty Echoes
      The Great Pretender/Mighty Echoes
      Do You Love Me/Mighty Echoes
      I Think We're Alone Now/Mighty Echoes
      The Way I Feel Tonight/Mighty Echoes
      Tell Me Why/Mighty Echoes
      Don't Let Go/Mighty Echoes
      Ooh Baby Baby/Mighty Echoes
      It's Not Unusual/Mighty Echoes
      Win Your Love for Me/Mighty Echoes
      Zoom/Mighty Echoes
      Rome Wasn't Built in a Day/Mighty Echoes
      I Only Have Eyes for You/Mighty Echoes
      Return to Sender/Mighty Echoes
      Good Vibrations/Mighty Echoes
      Lean on Me/Mighty Echoes
      Daddy Cool/Mighty Echoes
      Wonderful Tonight/Mighty Echoes
      With This Ring/Mighty Echoes
      Duke of Earl/Mighty Echoes
      Whispering Bells/Mighty Echoes
      In the Still of the Night/Mighty Echoes
      Chapel of Love/Mighty Echoes
      Up on the Roof/Mighty Echoes
      White Christmas/Mighty Echoes
      Kiss Him Goodbye/Mighty Echoes
      I Wonder Why/Mighty Echoes
      Factory/Mighty Echoes
      Doves Cry/Mighty Echoes
      Youngblood/Mighty Echoes
      Looking for an Echo/Mighty Echoes
      Rama Lama Ding Dong/Mighty Echoes
      The Closer You Are/Mighty Echoes
      Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes/Mighty Echoes
      Ring of Fire/Mighty Echoes
      Heaven Help Us All/Mighty Echoes
      Heatwave/Mighty Echoes
      Why Do Fools Fall in Love/Mighty Echoes
      Hard To Say Goodbye/Boyz II Men
      As you can see, both Linda and I choose our program play list with the listening audience in mind. On The East Coast A Capella Review you will have an opportunity to hear some of the great Doo-wop/Streetcorner a Capella tunes as they were done in the 50's, 60's and you will also hear newer contemporary A Capella groups singing their interpretations of many of the songs of today, A Capella of course! I truly enjoy sharing musical knowledge with the audience and enjoy providing some of the history behind the music and artists.
      Feel free to join us in the chat room, or call in on our Toll-Free number (1-877-846-7664) during the show. Linda and I will do our best to honor every and all requests during the broadcast and would love to hear from our listeners. So tune in Wednesday evenings 7 to 11 PM (EST) on THN (The Harmony Network) to sit back and enjoy some great Doo-wop/Contemporary A Capella tunes and hear some of the music that made the east coast sounds so memorable.
      Garry & Linda Cascio
      Host & Co-host East Coast A Capella Review

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