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All About Buford Changes & Auditions! :)

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    The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. -Charles Dubois After 5 great years together, All
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2005
      "The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice
      what we are for what we could become." -Charles Dubois

      After 5 great years together, All About Buford is now caught up in
      the winds of change. As musicians, the hope is that we will
      constantly evolve and grow and continue to create great music.
      Sometimes that leads us down different paths, and that's what's
      happening in All About Buford. We'd like to tell you about the new
      exciting things happening, and invite you to join us if you're
      interested! All About Buford will be branching out into two
      different groups: both seeking new, professional members that will
      bring new life and energy to each project.

      Amy Malkoff will now be the anchor of All About Buford and the band's
      evolution will incorporate a hip mix of pop a cappella AND music with
      acoustic instrumentation. Wes Carroll will continue with All About
      Buford as adjunct member. Taunia Soderquist, Shah Salmi, and Ben
      Jackson will continue on with funky, jazz-infused vocal music...and a
      new name (we're open to suggestions)! We will all look back fondly
      on our past 5 years and support each other in our new projects moving
      forward. We hope you will too!

      We have some shows upcoming, and they will either be performed by the
      original group, or by one of the two new incarnations – check the
      website for info on that, as we work out those details. If you are on
      the AAB mailing list, you will remain on it, and it will also be
      transferred over to the new group, unless you request otherwise
      (amy@...). We promise not to bombard you with junk!

      Interested in being part of change? Are you a musician with
      professional experience? Here are our audition notices with contact
      information. We'd love to hear from you if you think one of these is
      the project for you!


      All About Buford: All About Buford (Amy Malkoff with Wes Carroll
      periodically), a nationally known pop vocal band, seeks professional,
      experienced, innovative vocalists/musicians for its new incarnation.
      Seeking singers with a strong solo voice (men and alto women), and a
      skilled vocal percussionist. Looking for a maximum of 4 new members
      who can groove. All performances are paid. Songwriting and arranging
      skills a plus; ability to play other instruments also welcomed. Also
      interested in incorporating pedals and effects. Songs are arranged
      collectively – you will not be reading from written arrangements for
      the most part (think band structure). All members get a chance to
      sing lead, but also will be required to sing blended but creative
      backup parts. The music is pop-oriented, with a little of whatever
      else moves us, so you must have a pop voice and sensibility, and a
      hip look – we want a good visual onstage as well as good music! Must
      be able to make a commitment to some touring, and consistent gigging.
      Competent mic technique and comfortable performance skills (movement,
      ability to banter and joke) required.

      All About Buford performs solely at listening rooms, festivals and
      concert halls of prestige. We have strong relationships with many
      high-end venues, with new performances being booked all the time.
      Booking is done both internally and externally, but all management
      and business is currently done internally by the members of the band.
      New recording in the works.

      Though this is not currently a full-time commitment, it may become so
      at some point. All About Buford is an award-winning vocal band based
      in the Boston area, but a commuting band is an option if the
      strongest candidates are in disparate locations. In fact, Wes lives
      in CA! Rehearsals approximately once a week, perhaps more during the
      initial phase. Please contact amy@..., or
      617.290.6749 with sound clips, photo and bio/resume. If you'd like to
      mail recordings and materials, please send to: Amy Malkoff, 182
      Pleasant Street, Marblehead, MA 01945. Any questions or concerns can
      also be sent to the same address. We look forward to hearing from you
      and to a creative, fun, and innovative project!

      Contact: tenorauditions@...

      We're currently auditioning TENORS (male) for our one remaining spot.
      Below is a list of professional requirements. Don't let the stuffy
      list fool you: although we take our music seriously, we're a lot of
      fun! We're seeking an outgoing, energetic and positive personality
      to add to our mix:

      *Tenor with a strong solo voice, ability to blend. You will be
      sharing the spotlight on lead, but must also be comfortable being in
      a support role. The band is all vocal....therefore you must be able
      to sing solos like a vocalist, but create vocal lines like an

      *Vocally: A real sense of groove and a background steeped in
      soul/R&B/jazz/funk music. We want to be blown away!

      *Professional performing experience: Comfort onstage with a great
      presence and sense of humor. Must be comfortable interacting with the
      audience and other members of the band. Must be able to MOVE (i.e.
      have some general dance skills). OUTGOING & POSITIVE!

      *Improvisational skills: Our repertoire is mixed, but we have a heavy
      jazz/funk background. Vocal improvisation is part of what we do.

      *Aural arranging: We arrange on the fly. You must be quick, have
      great ears and assist in vocal arranging.

      *Humor: We incorporate comedy into our songs and also our banter

      *Funky: Image is important. We want someone who is hip and funky in
      style and attitude.

      *Travel: Must be willing to travel occassionally. (Usually anywhere
      between Thurs-Sun when traveling.)

      *Business: We are a self-managed band, and you must be willing to
      occassionally help with managerial tasks. We work as a team.

      Not Requirements, but STRONG selling points:

      *Writing: We all write/compose. Looking for someone with strong
      writing skills in the jazz/pop/funk genres.

      *Instrumentalist: All other members play 2nd and 3rd instruments
      which we occasionally use in performance. If you play an instrument
      too, even better.

      More about us:

      The band consists of 2 other males and one female. Members are award-
      winning professional vocalists. We play acoustic listening rooms,
      festivals, and corporate gigs. We also all teach and run workshops
      and masterclasses on a variety of vocal and performance topics. All
      outgoing and fun! Group rehearsals are generally once a week on
      Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Although we're not full-time, we gig
      consistently and need a solid committment.

      If interested, please send the following to tenorauditions@...:

      1. MP3 of your singing
      2. Photo
      3. Resume and/or explanation of your experience and background

      We will be doing a "pre-screening" online, and will select people for
      live auditions from online submissions. We know our guy is out there!
      Thanks to all for reading, and best wishes to all musically!

      Amy & Wes
      Taunia, Ben & Shah
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