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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 12, 2003 Thuy Tran Marketing Manager 298 Copeland Street Phone: 617-697-2119 Email: variasians@comcast.net Web:
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      August 12, 2003
      Thuy Tran
      Marketing Manager
      298 Copeland Street
      Phone: 617-697-2119
      Email: variasians@...
      Web: http://www.variasians.com
      Web: http://www.variasians.com


      Boston--The VariAsians, Boston's own Asian American a cappella group,
      will be hosting a special fundraising concert to benefit their newly
      established Asian American Arts Scholarship. This Scholarship was
      established by the group to support and promote Asian American
      Artists interested in pursuing the performing arts. The concert will
      feature a diverse selection of performances including folk, rock,
      gospel, spoken word, a cappella groups from the area and beyond, and
      much more.

      "We want to give Asian Americans an opportunity to pursue
      arts—a route that was not often available to us when we were
      growing up,"commented Sophia Moon, a member of the VariAsians a

      As Binh Nguyen, Biz Mgr for the VariAsians states, "The APA arts
      scene is disproportionately underrepresented compared to other ethnic
      groups. We need to put our money where our mouth is when we talk
      about cultivating and developing the arts in the Asian American

      The concert will be held at the Somerville Arts Theatre, on Thursday
      November 20, 2003 from 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Located in the heart of
      one of Boston's most diverse communities - Somerville Massachusetts
      – this theatre has become a local landmark holding the capacity
      of 900 people. The theatre has in the past hosted to the likes of
      Bruce Springstein, Norah Jones, Phish, Tracy Chapman, Catie Curtis,
      and many other nationally known artists.

      The VariAsians was founded in 2002 as a space for Asian Americans to
      come together to explore and create Asian American a cappella music.
      Today, the group's music fuses East Asian influences with gospel,
      R&B and soul, which when mixed together produces a lively, multi-
      layered sound. Some of their performances include singing the anthem
      for a Boston Celtics Basketball game at the Fleet Center, the Urban
      Nutcracker at the Strand theater, the Southeast water festival in
      Lowell, the Silk Road Gala, just to name a few.

      If you or your group would like to audition for a performance slot,
      or if you are interested in supporting the scholarship, please
      contact Binh Nguyen @ bneverest@... or call (508) 308-1348.
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