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The "APPLAUSE" Show with Rich Taylor & T J Barranger Playlist for 2/27/03

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    Hi gang, First the good news... We are moving forward on the 24 Hour A Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year of the Acappella Netwrok ... with it s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2003
      Hi gang,

      First the good news... We are moving forward on the 24 Hour A Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year of the "Acappella Netwrok"... with it's headquarters at the studios of WVRM Radio, and under the auspices of Regional Broadcasting Services in Upper Montclair.  We should have the full broadcast up within two weeks.  But we need your help!

      We envision a "Network" of live shows all broadcast through the computers at the Regional Broadcasting Headquarters.  What we are looking for are chapters of the men's or women's Societies or from CASA membership that would like to do a "LIVE" Radio broadcast from their own location.  We would provide the equipment specifications (Computer/Mixer Board/Microphone/CD Players/Connection , etc), and we would schedule your "Show" at a time which would allow you to commit to a weekly program... and then we would "Train" you on how to operate the "logon" sequences from your location.

      We are looking for Barbershop Shows, Acappella Shows, Mixed Shows, Gospel Acappella Shows, and any other kind of Acappella Music programs for this new "Network", offering Live Shows from all over the world for the listening pleasure of the 80,000 acappella performers and their fans. 

      Please email me rivately with your ideas for a show and give me the details of what you would want to do, and who would be "sponsoring" the show..i.e. XYZ Chapter... and give me the time or day that you think you would want to do your show.  We will assemble all of the responses and try and schedule an interesting , exciting series of shows featuring "YOU"!

      Also, if there are specific events during the Acappella or Barbershopping worlds that you would love to see "Simulcasted" over the Network, please email us with your comments and we will see what can be done to bring you those activities that are just too far away for you to attend.

      Well, enough of that ...now on to the wonderful artists and songs that made up the February 13th edition of The "APPLAUSE" Show!

      The Vocal Majority                   I'm the Music Man
      Saturday Evening Post              Clown Medley
      High Five                                  Brahams Lullaby
      Banana Blenders                       Sunday Night In Sydney
      Idea Of North                            It's Alright With Me
      3 Men And A Melody                Happy Together
      M-Pact                                      Still The One
      Chicago Chord of Trade            Don't Leave Me Mammy
      Acappella Gold                         Fly Me To The Moon
      Tone Apettite                            Smile
      Ambiance                                 Handful of Keys
      Mighty Echoes                          Who's That Knocking At The Door
      New Tradition Chorus               All Aboard For Dixie/Floatin Down Medley
      St. Louis Harmony Chorus        All That Jazz
      Ladies At Work LBING              Rhythm Medley
      Sons And Lovers                      Undecided...Gotta Be This Or That
      Gem City Chorus                      Get Happy
      Big Apple Chorus                     Happy Feet Medley
      The Exboyfriends                      Blinded By The Light
      The Virginians                          That's Life
      Heart of Texas Chorus               Broadway Rose
      Light Industrial Choral Society  I Only Have Eyes For You
      Special Feature                         A Song Of The Fifties
      DaVinci's Notebook                  Alley McBeal
      The Thoroughbreds                  That's an Irish Lullaby
      Classic Collection                     Toot Toot Tootsie
      Boyz Nite Out                           Love Wins Out
      The Ritz                                    There Will Never Be Another You
      The Sidewinders                       Dangerous Dan McGrew
      Crossroads                                Who's Sorry Now
      Metropolis                                Pure Imagination
      Boston Common                       There's Something I Like About Broadway
      Masters Of Harmony                 Jerome Kern Medley
      Four Voices                              Ain't Misbehavin
      Michigan Jake                          Gershwin Medley
      The Suntones                           Without A Song
      Dealer's Choice                         Mr. Piano Man
      Dallas Knights                           Nowhere Man
      Storm Front                              Rhythm Medley
      Pride Of Kentucky                     Mood Indigo

      SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO MARY KNIGHT, a wonderful friend who joined the
             choir in the sky on Wednesday Morning 2/25....

      The Vocal Majority              I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
      Nightlife                              It Must Be That Look In Her Eyes
      Countdown                         Jeepers Creepers
      Images                                Mr. Sandman
      Bluegrass Student Union    I've Got A Crush On You
      BSQ                                    I Hadn't Anyone Till You
      Platinum                             I Can't Give You Anything But Love
      Keepsake                            My Romance
      Acoustix                             Tonight Tonight
      Fanatix                               Why Did I Choose You
      Acoustix                             This Is The Moment
      Power Play                          Through The Years
      The Ritz                              A House With Love In It
      UGA Accidentals                So Much In Love
      Univ. Ill Extention Chords   Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
      Hampton Ave                      The Gathering
      Golden Staters                    Mary Your A Little Bit Old Fashioned
      The Vocal Majority             I'll Walk With God
      (from Daryl) 4 Statesmen     The Story Of The Three Bells
      Revival                               It Is Well With My Soul
      The Naturals                       I  Will Pass This Way But Once

      For heaven's Sake              Birth Of The Blues
      Singers Unlimited               Here's That Rainy Day
      Singing Buckeyes               Roll On You Mississippi Roll On
      Rich Tones Chorus             Footloose
      High Society                       Thank You World 
      Sundowners                       Walkin My Baby Back Home
      High Cotton                        Moonlight Becomes You
      Ambassadors of Harmony   Applause
      Naturally Seven                  Bless This House

      There you have it...another great night of harmony on The "APPLAUSE" Show with wonderful songs by talented artists.
      Thanks for listening in and for allowing me to pay a musical tribute to a great lady...Mrs. Mary Knight.  Remember the motto of the show... "Music is the universal language...speak it to as many people as you can every day of your life"

      Tune in this week for another great session...and remember... send us your ideas on your own radio show.

      Rich Taylor, Host of The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Show Website:  www.harmonize.com/applauseshow
      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      AM 1620, Village Radio, Upper Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...

      Special Fundraising Opportunity for all Listeners:
      Rare Lithograph Prints "John Lennon by Cynthia Lennon"

      Continuous Broadcasting since 1997
      Host of the SPEBSQSA Int'l Webcast Team 2000, 2001, 2002
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E.  "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting  the Nashville Webcast
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
              for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show

      Winner 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Winner 2000 MAD District "Award of Excellence" for The "APPLAUSE" Show

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