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JohnLinkMusic Holiday Reminder

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  • johnlink@con2.com
    F I N A L W E E K T O B U Y L I V E A T S A I N T P E T E R S W I T H O U T S H I P P I N G A N D H A N D L I N G C H A R G E S ! The
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2000
      F I N A L W E E K T O B U Y "L I V E A T S A I N T P E T E R ' S"

      W I T H O U T S H I P P I N G A N D H A N D L I N G C H A R G E S !

      The time for buying holiday gifts is drawing to a close, so I'd like to
      remind you that you can still order as many copies as you'd like of "Live
      at Saint Peter's" by the John Link Vocal Quintet without paying shipping
      and handling charges, but I must receive your order by this Friday (the

      "Live at Saint Peter's" documents a concert featuring original vocalise
      arrangements of instrumental jazz and classical compositions performed by
      the John Link Vocal Quintet (Raïssa Dorff, Kelly Ellenwood, Alex
      Greenshields, Christopher Renquist, and John Link, who plays guitar in
      addition to singing). Each of the singers performs as a soloist and as a
      member of the ensemble. Many of the arrangements feature improvisation. The
      composers on the CD include Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Claude Debussy, Bill
      Evans, John Link, Ennio and Andrea Morricone, Modeste Mussorgsky, Erik
      Satie, and Earl Zindars.

      To order "Live at Saint Peter's" without paying shipping and handling
      charges (normally $3), send a check ($15 per CD) made payable to JOHN LINK
      to the following address:

      John Link
      141 West 26th Street, #3
      New York, NY 10001

      "Live at Saint Peter's" is also available at www.earBuzz.com/johnlink/,
      where you can sample cuts, read reviews, and view the cover art.

      Here is what people have been saying about "Live at Saint Peter's":

      "Your CD is so fabulous. I am listening to it over and over and over. I
      love it. Thanks for persevering."
      Donna Robin Lippman

      "Congratulations on the release of the CD, and for coming up with something
      truly original...AND GOOD!! I consider myself lucky to have heard the tape
      quite a while ago, and I'm glad to see that the rest of the world can now
      hear the music from that concert."
      Rob Klein

      "I've enjoyed the CD--especially the jazz pieces--and your guitar playing
      is the highlight!"
      Barbara Forbes

      "What a wonderful idea to orchestrate this music for voices!"
      Earl Zindars

      "Wonderful music..."
      Frank Wildman

      "I just received and enjoyed John Link's new CD, hot off the press. There
      are 23 tracks and 66+ minutes of music, and what better compliment can I
      give than that, when it was all over, I longed for more?"
      John A. deLaubenfels

      For just $15 you can give a gift that will be enjoyed again and again. For
      all the music lovers on your shopping list, "Live at Saint Peter's" is a
      unique gift that is bound to be a hit!

      Happy Holidays!
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