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6 Days to Bolton!

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  • MikeE
    Hey Hey Vocal Enthusiasts!... Only 6 more days til The Bolton Landing Barbershop Quartet Festival kicks off! Check out the line-up! Metropolis, The Perfect
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2002
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      Hey Hey Vocal Enthusiasts!...
      Only 6 more days 'til The Bolton Landing Barbershop Quartet Festival kicks off!
      Check out the line-up!
      Metropolis, The Perfect Gentlemen,  Saturday Evening Post, The Four Rascals,  GOTCHA!,  Injoy,  Tortilla Flats, Upstate Rhythm,  Reveille,  Road Show,  A Capella Gold and MANY OTHERS will be performing in what has been called... 
      "The Woodstock of Barbershop"! 
      For official information regarding The Bolton Landing Barbershop Festival, visit:
      A true, fun-filled escape from reality!!
      Mike Economou
    • MikeE
      ... From: Bruce Checca Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2002 6:16 AM Subject: Re: [bbshop] 6 Days to Bolton! ... the ... the ... Woof ... And ... Just ... Rob ...
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 25, 2002
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        From: "Bruce Checca"
        Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2002 6:16 AM
        Subject: Re: [bbshop] 6 Days to Bolton!

        > WOW! Thanks Mike, for the glowing endorsement!
        > I know you guys had fun here last year, and I can honestly say you were
        > surprise hit of the weekend! Few people who attended had ever heard OF
        > group, much less heard them. They all walked away stunned at how talented
        > and entertaining you guys really are! I must say, you even surprised ME!
        > The "Woodstock of Barbershop", huh? I LIKE IT! Our goal in all this is to
        > get the best and brightest of the barbershop world together elbow to elbow
        > with Joe & Jane Barbershopper in a non-competitive atmosphere. Sure, we
        > have a "contest"... but where else in the world can 3 guys and a dog
        > compete? Or Mom,Dad, brother,sister and baby (who provided the "Woof,
        > for "How Much is the Doggie in the Window?") got to strut their stuff?
        > where else in the world can the judging panel get up and dance while the
        > competitor sing? Or kick one of the singers out and take their place?
        > Sound outrageous? If you've never been there, it might... but once you
        > experience it, you'll wonder why anybody would ever do it differently!
        > ask any of our esteemed panelists what they think of it ... David & Sandi
        > Wright, Steve Plumb, Ed Waesche, Geri Geis, Walter Latzko, Gail Jensik,
        > Mance, Linda Janes, Theresa Weatherbee, Paul Grimm, Joan & Steve Ross,
        > Maino, etc.
        > Sure, we crown a "Champion", but it's about how entertaining you are, not
        > just how well you sing. And our Grand Prize is awarded by random draw of
        > groups that enter the contest or perform on our shows... where else do you
        > get a shot at a trip for 4 to Hawaii, or $3000 cash, and your odds are
        > 120 to 1????
        > Where else in the world do you get so much for so little? Our "Harmony Hog
        > Pass" is $55.00. For that, you get 4 show that total about 14 hours (on
        > average) , 2 afterglows where we provide buffet and beverages, a 2 hour
        > cruise of the lake, and an all day contest in a park overlooking the lake.
        > Not to mention that you get to spend a great weekend actually rubbing
        > with the best people the world has to offer! And you're one of them!
        > You guys are why we do this. In case you don't know, and a lot of people
        > have asked, "we" is actually only 2 of us... no big committee, just Andy
        > Pratt and myself... For both of us, it's a year round volunteer project
        > no pay, no reimbursed expenses, no perks ( well, getting to call all you
        > great people personal friends doesn't count, does it?). We're aided at the
        > events themselves by the Bolton Chamber of Commerce and the Saratoga
        > City Chorus, who lend a hand setting up and taking tickets. Most years,
        > expenses exceed income, but it's a small price for so many friends. Seems
        > funny that the success or failure of something this "big" would hinge on
        > or 30 people showing up or not. Been that way for years. Sure, we could
        > back on the things we do, or the number of groups we bring in, but then it
        > wouldn't be "Bolton Landing" anymore... just another gathering of singers.
        > Gee, didn't realize I had babbled on so long.....
        > Take care, and see you next week!
        > Bruce Checca
        > Chief Lackey & Bottle Washer
        > Bolton Landing Barbershop Quartet Festival
        > "...it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle!..."
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