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Celebrating Easter/Passover on The "APPLAUSE" Show WVRM

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    Hi there gang, We had the most wonderful time last night broadcasting some of the greatest sacred music as we approach the Easter Holiday and, for our Jewish
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2002
      Hi there gang,

      We had the most wonderful time last night broadcasting some of the greatest sacred music as we approach the Easter Holiday and, for our Jewish listeners, continue the celebration of Passover.  T.J. Barranger and I were so impressed this week as we located and scheduled more than 50 songs from barbershop, contemporary and Vocal Jazz artists appropriate for the season.  In addition we played 23 other songs to round out the evening. Our cohort, Rich Pearson, was preparing to travel this weekend to see his family in upstate NY, so TJ and I held down the fort.  
      We welcomed four new listeners (by emails), received 6 requests from regular listeners, and answered three questions about artists during the night.  Please keep those emails coming in...we love to hear from you.

      We hope you all have a safe holiday weekend, and that, if possible, you spend it with friends and family renewing those bonds that are so special to our lives.  Remember the motto of The "APPLAUSE" Show...."Music Is the Universal Language....Speak It To As MAny People As You Can Every Day Of Your Life".

      Notes on future shows:  
      Next week, April 4th  will feature a segment on Hal Purdy, that wonderful barbershop icon that we lost just recently.  Stories, songs, special guests and special calls will bring to life the memory of this incredibly loved man.  If your group has a "Hal " story, please email me privately this week at RMTMUSIC@... and we will include it in the segment.
      Sometime in MAY, we will be having an "All Southwest" region show featuring the music from groups located in the Southwestern region of our country.. from the library of SPEB's recordings, SAI recordings, Contemporary A Cappella groups,a nd Harmony Inc.  groups.  We hope that , if your group has a CD and you are located in the Southwestern part of our country, you will email us to receive the "Guidelines For Submitting Music" to The "APPLAUSE" Show here on WVRM Radio.

      Well, here goes, the wonderful music presented on Thursday March 28th:
      (not in the order of presentation)

      Vocal Majority                          I'm The Music Man
      Take 6                                      There Is A Quiet Place
      Take 6                                      Mary
      Naturally Seven                        Born To Worship
      Natturally Seven                       Last Days
      Naturally Seven                        Blessed Assurance
      Vocal Majority                          I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
      Vocal Majority                          Sweet Hour Of Prayer
      Vocal Majority                          Take My Hand Prescious Lord
      Vocal Majority                          Love At Home
      Vocal Majority                          Holy Holy Holy
      Vocal Majority                          Crown Him With Many Crowns
      Revival                                     Jesus Hold My Hand
      Revival                                     It Is Well With My Soul
      Alexandria Harmonizers           Gospel Medley
      Ambiance                                 Gospel Medley
      Ambiance                                 Ave Maria
      Kindred Spirits                         Glorify Thy Name
      Kindred Spirits                         As We Sail To Heaven's Shore
      Kindred Spirits                         Amazing Grace
      American Barberboys               Ave Maria
      Blue Champagne                      Steal Away
      Saturday Evening Post              Gospel Medley
      Vocal Majority                          I'll Walk With God
      Vocal Majority                          The Lord's Prayer
      Fresno Gold Note Chorus          I Believe
      Vocal Majority/Mormon Tabernacle Choir      Battle Hymn of the Republic
      Studio One                               Jesus Jesus Rest Your Head
      Richtones Chorus                     It Is Well With My Soul
      Uptown Sound                          Prescious Lord
      Power Play                                Every Time I Feel The Spirit
      Masters of Harmony                  Prescious Lord Take My Hand
      Riptide                                      Beautiful Savior
      Showtime                                 The Lord Bless You And Keep You
      Take 6                                      WE Don't Have To Cry
      Naturally Seven                        The Last Days
      UGA Accidentals                      The Prayer of the Children
      Idea of North                             23rd Psalm
      Go Fish                                     Alleluia
      Glad                                         God Is My Redeemer
      Glad                                         Great Is The Lord
      Glad                                         How Deep Thy Father's Love For Us
      The Firemen                             I Know A Man (His name is Jesus)
      Gas House Gnng                       Old Hymns Medley
      Gas House Gang                       Alleluia
      Gold City                                  When The Lamb Becomes The Light
      Gold City                                  It's Still The Cross
      Take 6                                      Ive Got Life/Spread Love
      The Other Guys                         Amazing Grace
      Idea of North                             Abide With Me
      Thoroughbreds                         Battle Hymn of the Republic
      (End of Sacred Segment)
      Boston Common                       What'll I Do
      Ramapo Spotlight Chorus         I Knew You Then
      Playtonics                                 The Only Girl
      New Tradition Chorus               Tradition/Sunrise Sunset   
      Suntones                                  Down The Lane of Memories
      Oriole Four                               A House With Love In It
      Marquis / Mixed Nuts                Smile
      Variety Pak                               Bring Back Those Good Old Days
      Variety Pak                               Lawyer's Medley
      Rumors                                     We Are Family
      Expanded Sound                      At The End Of The Fairway There's Happiness
      Countdown                               Time After Time
      CrackerJills                              I'll Be Seeing You
      Acoustix                                   Day By Day
      Real Group                               Come Sunday
      Vocal Six                                  Lullaby
      Four Voices                              My Father My Friend
      Sundowners                             Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
      Alexandria Harmonizers           You Can Have Every Light On Broadway
      Ambassadors of Harmony         Applause
      Naturally Seven                        Bless This House                       

      Hope to have you listening next week during our special segment on Hal Purdy.  Have a great, MUSICAL week.

      The "APPLAUSE" Show Team
      Rich Taylor - Host, Rich Pearson - On-Air personality,
      (RMTMUSIC@...)        (CASAJERSEY@...)
      T.J. Barranger - Engineer
      Every Thursday Night from 6:30pm-11:00PM (Eastern)
      WVRM 1620AM, Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at:   
      EMAIL AT:  
      Winner of the 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award
      Winner of the 2000 MAD "Award of Excellence in Public Relations

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