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BACS Concert - 2/19

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  • Michael K. Daly
    Okay New Englanders... How bout those Pats???!!! Woo hoo! New England s on top, and we re basking in the high-voltage glow that can only come from a good,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2002
      Okay New Englanders... How 'bout those Pats???!!! Woo hoo! New England's on
      top, and we're basking in the high-voltage glow that can only come from a
      good, old-fashioned underdog sports triumph, Boston-style. (Like our baked
      beans, only tastier - and without the smelly side effects.)

      But when the confetti's all swept up, we'll all need something to keep us
      smiling through the long, cold February nights. And we've got just the
      ticket: The next installment of the BACS Concert Series!

      Tuesday, February 19th
      8pm (doors open at 7:30)
      Ryles, 212 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA
      $7 cover
      (Ryles is 18+ and serves both food and beverages)


      Soundstage 7 / www.soundstage7.com
      Your scroobalicious hosts are back, kicking off the 2002 BACS Concert
      Series! They're serving up their very own smorgasbord of pop, folk, funk,
      and world music - and don't forget the spicy Latin numbers! Muy caliente!

      All About Buford / www.allaboutbuford.com
      This (primarily) a cappella band delivers a surprising show filled with r&b,
      pop, jazz, world music, and more. Sometimes they throw in a bit of acoustic
      guitar - a great, warm sound for a cold winter's night. You'll also want to
      check out their new CD, Supercar!

      soniCrush / www.mindspring.com/~force2k1/sonicrush
      The ladies and gent of soniCrush will rock your world with their hip, funky
      sound. Come on down and shake your groove thang to their sassy beat!

      If you're interested in participating in the BACS Concert Series in
      the future, or just want the latest scoop on happenings in the Boston
      A Cappella Scene, visit www.bacs.org.
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