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Are you auditioning for *The Sing-Off* in NYC on 5/18?

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  • The Current ~ NYC A Cappella
    *Is that a YES? Then THE CURRENT wants YOU – for a gig that night!* If your group is anything like ours, you’re ramping up rehearsals, jazzing up your
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2013
      Is that a YES?  Then THE CURRENT wants YOU – for a gig that night!

      If your group is anything like ours, you’re ramping up rehearsals, jazzing up your jazz hands, and picking out your best group-color accent pieces already – not to mention singing your faces off within the framework of your THREE scientifically-chosen Sing-Off-worthy songs – eek! So much prep! So much excitement! So much going on in pursuit of a stellar audition experience that we decided to make The Big Day even BIGGER by adding in some bonus festivities!

      Here’s what we’re thinking: Flash-forward to Saturday, May 18th, and you’ve come all the way to NYC with everything all polished and good to go – and while the daytime definitely promises to be an adventure in itself, wouldn’t it also be nice to get to show off your stuff via some real-live Manhattan stage time while you’re here? We don’t know about you, but we are seeing an amazing a capportunity to glissando right into a well-deserved show/soirée sort of cheers-it-up evening – especially with a zillion performance-ready acafriends planning to converge on the Big Apple too. 

      So. TV…or not TV?? Hold your whole notes, people – while that might be the question of the season, we first want to celebrate the accomplishment of even auditioning – and to HAVE BIG TIME FUN about it. To that end, we are super-psyched to announce that we are hosting an afterparty a cappellooza in NYC, entitled "The Sing-Off is ON!" And now we are looking to book a whole gang of guest groups from near and far to join us in performing their three-song audition sets in a cool downtown venue that fits up to 200 people.YESSS.

      Please email TheCurrentNYC@... right now if your group is interested in performing (and is entirely 21+, as per venue rules), or wants more info; we have a limited number of performance slots available, and they’re filling up fast. We’d love to have a wide range of geography and genres represented, and we definitely encourage getting in touch ASAP, as we’re currently working to finalize and publicize. It’s our hope that this evening can be a good-time community mixer on the whole, so please stay tuned for further details; whether you’re wanting to be onstage or in the audience, we look forward to seeing you and your Sing-Off-ready selves soon.

      The Current

      sing hear now



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