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Harmony Brigade show September 15th in Marlboro Mass features Men in Black, Village Green, and the amazing Harmony Brigade Chorus

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  • Lee Daum
    Greetings, fellow a cappella enthusiasts! On the weekend of September 14-15, a major event in the world of Barbershop and a cappella will be making its debut
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2012

      Greetings, fellow a cappella enthusiasts!


      On the weekend of September 14-15, a major event in the world of Barbershop and a cappella will be making its debut in New England.  Almost one hundred singers, most from New England but some coming from as far away as Texas, will descend on Central Massachusetts.  They will arrive having learned 12 new songs note and word perfect, in four months, arrangements so difficult that they are sung only by the top quartets in the world.  That’s more than most choruses learn in two or three years but these men have persevered, meeting in small groups to practice after having learned their part thoroughly from the music and learning tracks.  They are practicing and perfecting these songs for a weekend of Extreme Quartetting called a Harmony Brigade.  Get ready New England; the New England Harmony Brigade has arrived, and it’s a first for our area.


      On Friday, the 14th, these men will be randomly placed in quartets and assigned one of the 12 songs they learned.  They will have an hour to rehearse with this “new quartet” and then they get to sing their song for a panel of judges (this year it’s Men in Black) and for the rest of the guys.  Winners will be proclaimed but the fun has only just started because they will be singing all of the other songs with all the other guys for the rest of the weekend, bringing “pick-up quartet singing” to a new level.


      Most of the weekend is a private affair with quartets singing everywhere, but on Saturday evening, the 15th, the Brigade will open its doors to the public with a terrific show displaying some of the quartets formed that weekend plus a Chorus of all the men attending. 


      New England’s own Men in Black will be headlining the show, fresh off an 8th place finish at International in Portland, Oregon.  Also on the program will be a Senior Quartet from North Carolina called Village Green, who have flown here from the Southeast.  These guys have competed in the Senior International Quartet contest several times, finishing as high as seventh place. 


      This will be a show like no other you’ve ever attended because it will be guys just like you and me who love singing a cappella and have decided to try something new.  Will you be joining us?   I’m one of those guys and would love to have you see what the Brigade is about and maybe be part of it next year.  The show info is below…read on!




      Lee Daum

      New England Harmony Brigade



      WHAT:           New England Harmony Brigade - Saturday Evening Show

      WHERE:         Assabet Valley Regional Technical H.S.

      215 Fitchburg St., Marlborough, MA

      WHEN:           Sat, September 15 at 7:30 PM
      PRICE:            Adult ($15.00), Student under 18 ($10.00)



      Go To www.nehb.net and click on the Show Poster



      Jeff Forman, jmitchinc@...

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