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Today: Sounds of Concord Annual Show "7th" Heaven"

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  • Lee Daum
    Please join the Sounds of Concord today and tonight for an exciting show of A Cappella & Barbershop music at our Annual Show 7th Heaven , today, Saturday
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2009
      Please join the Sounds of Concord  today and tonight for an exciting show of A
      Cappella  &  Barbershop music at our Annual Show "7th" Heaven”,  today, Saturday September
      26th at either 2 pm or 7 pm, at the John Glenn Middle School, 12
      McMahon Road, Bedford, MA 01730.  This year’s show chronicles the
      adventures of a quartet that has become "recently deceased" and the
      battle between the Supreme Being and the Devil for their allegiance.

      Featured are Boston Accent, 2006 Harmony Inc. Women's Barbershop
      International Champions, and Average Joes, a rapidly up-and-coming
      Northeast District Contender.

      Sounds of Concord is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  We
      continue our primary mission to "Keep the Whole World Singing".   

      Tickets are $15 in advance, ($20 at the door),  
      Students are $5.00.  Families are a maximum of $40.00. 
      For more information go to www.soundsofconcord.org
      For tickets, e-mail to tix@... , or call 866-537-1584
      For more information call Sounds of Concord at 866-537-1584

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